Hi, I’m Rohan.  I moved from my home city, Norwich, to York in 2017 to study English at the University. During the last year and a half, I’ve certainly come to enjoy living here. York is a city of surprises: of course there’s a lot of history, but at the same time a real range of perspectives does emerge; there really is something for everyone buried in that (walled) fist-shape of a city centre. From this dense hive I’ve sampled bubble tea, the ‘York wrap’, a fully bespoke reggae sound-system, many pleasant views, and shaped my interests. I enjoy perusing the shelves in Earworm Records or from one of the varied independent bookshops, or trawling the wealth of bars, pubs and eateries which really make the city (You may have to suppress the instinct to go to them all at once). I was drawn to YUMI because I felt its inclusive and sociable atmosphere would be an ideal environment to develop my own skills, whilst enjoying myself and the company of others. Furthermore, the charity’s core values of strengthening community bonds through culture and conversation, very much appealed to my belief in their importance. In a time when our perceptions of others are vulnerable, the simplicity of human interaction and cultural exchange has the potential to make a real difference.  I hope that I can contribute to the charity’s projects with a communicative and inquisitive nature. I have a wide variety of interests and I hope to discover more with YUMI.