I am from an amazing, historical and highly traditional country - Ukraine. I came to York to study Psychology. I found this city quiet small, but the environment is peaceful and quite. I enjoy living in York for its safe neighbourhood and lovely people around.

I love travelling, dancing and karaoke, even though I highly doubt my singing skills. But who cares, when it comes to having a great time and living in the moment!

I decided to join YUMI volunteering team, because of my own experience as international student in a completely unknown environment. When I first came to the UK I was desperate to run away, because of the loneliness feeling. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter what a strong independent woman you are, when you don’t have access to a supportive shoulder of a good friend or a family member. So, when I’ve heard about YUMI, I was amazed by the way this organisation tries to gather together a multicultural community for a Sunday branches, Barbecues and even some useful writing and reading clubs. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Honestly, I would be on cloud nine if I could meet lots wonderful people, share my knowledge and thoughts with them and what is more, make every single person a part of YUMI community.

We all need someone to talk to, someone to spend time with and share our views on the wold and YUMI is exactly the place where everything mentioned above one can find!