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a technique used that makes use of external conparisons to better evaluate ones current performance and identity possibly ways to improve for the future benckmarking
organizations achieve the best results when. senior management includes an HR professional so HR constraints and values are part of the foundation on which mission and strategic plans are built
_ is the orderly study of job facts to determine what is done when, where, how, why and by whom in existing jobs or potential jobs. job analysis
Which of the following correctly shows the order of use of the three interest sources demonstrated in class? source to obtain a code number unique to specific industry. enter that codeto get to a 2nd webpage for jobs, 3rd webpage for lists of skills of those jobs
Which HR management function involves forecasting and comparing as organizations demand for labor and its supply of labor? HR planning
Internal recruiting may be beneficial in terms of _ but may be balanced by problems with _. high employee motivation and morale, increased political conflicts
When organizations are seeking to fill positions with the most qualified candidates they should insure the selection devices they use are both _ and _. reliable and valid
What is the worst time to tell an employee that he or she is being fired or let go? last thing in the day on a friday
Which of the following would not be recommended variable to consider in performance appraisals? loyalty to the organization
Which of the following is bad advice use of mechanistic, bureaucratic approach to bring stability to an unstable environment
Which of the following is not characteristic of an adaptive organization? more divisions of labor
When an organization chart shows vice presidents of marketing, manufacturing, finance, HR reporting directly to the president the top management group is organized as functional structure
all of the following are potential advantages of using a divisional structure of labor except reserves of resources due to duplication of resources and efforts across all divisions
a matrix structure combines elements of _ and _ functional and divisional structures
One disadvantage of using a team structure conflicting loyalities of members
all of the following are potential disadvantages of network structures
a _ is a special form of boundary-less organization virtual organization
an org that produces large numbers of uniform products with a assembly line system is using mass production
technology that can function like mass production where a client is passed from point to point for various processes is long-linked production
Kaizen processes are characterized by all of the following except assessment of stakeholder flexability and commitment
eliminating duplication of work and systems bottlenecks is a prime objective of process re-engineering
gathering samples of work from a department andevaluating quality is statistical quality control
which of the following statements best describes the process of total qualitymanagement organization wide commitment to continuous improvement
_ indicates organizations adherence with a rigorous set of internal quality standards iso certifications
an org has collected enough revenue to cover costs of resources creates break even point
_ ensures that directions and resources are right before work begins free forward
shift supervisors working alongside employees, constantly observing and intervening with immediate correctiveaction when something is not done right is concurrrent control (focus’ on what happens during the work process)
a cost report that displays overruns to the budget once a projects completed during the prior month feedback control
a project management tool that breaks a project into a series of small sub-activities that highlights interrelationships amoung activities CPM/PERT
4 steps of the control process are establish objectives and standards, compare results, _. measure performance and take corrective action as needed
severity of a disciplinary reprimand should be calculated based on. both of the above, severity of the problem and frequency of problem
a balanced scorrcard measures all of the following except compliance with industry regulations
all of the following are financial performance measures that managers should know financial perf, customer status, internal processing and innovation learning
which was measured in class as a common problem in controlling managers fail to consider full range of underlying causes
managers may easily over-rely on _ and _ as control tools punishment and employee training
An organization is a _. Collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose.
2) Which of the following statements does not accurately describe the activities of top managers? Top managers develop and implement action plans to accomplish organizational objectives.
3) The belief that people will rationally consider available opportunities and do whatever is necessary to achieve the greatest personal economic gain… Classical Approach
Max Weber developed bureaucratic principles using perspectives from: Being a member of upper-class society; intellectual scholarship and inquiry.
5) Which of the following accurately describes the interrelationship of the general and the task environment? lements of the general environment have an impact on various aspects of the task environment and managerial decision making focuses…
6) Achieving competitive advantage through assessments of the general and task environment is generally defined as the organization Stay current with changes in consumer/client preferences so the organization is meeting those preferences in ways that other organizations…
7) The global economy is characterized by the world-wide _. Interdependence of resource supplies, product markets and business competition.
8) Which of the following accurately describes the typical experience of adjusting to a new culture? The adjustment process begins with confusion and after a series of ups and downs a person may reach the point of a realistic…
9) A typical mission statement identifies all of the following except: The resources used in providing the product and/or services.
10)Managers assess the general and task environments to determine organizational _. Opportunities and threats.
Using the categories of the Boston Consulting Group, as general rule start-up businesses would be considered _ and the hope is they would turn into what? Question marks, stars, cash cows, dogs
Which of the following about angel investors is accurate? Angel investing can serve to attract additional venture capital.
The group of employees that has been progressively growing proportionally smaller in organizations in recent years is: Permanent full time workers
14) Which of the following statements accurately describes the open systems model of organization? The organization creates a transformation process for turning resource inputs into outputs.
15) Henry Mintzberg identified a set of roles that managers perform.These roles are grouped into which of the following 3 categories? Decisional, informational, and interpersonal
16) The use of motion study to inform managerial thinking is associated with _. Frank and Lillian Gibreth.
17) Mary Parker Follet’s emphasis on groups and her commitment to human cooperation were developed in her experience with _. Social services programs; employee ownership.
18) Which of the following groups is NOT an organizational stakeholder and therefore NOT part of the task environment? None of the above, they are all organizational stakeholders.
19) VanOech’s role of explorer is most salient for: idea creation
20) Members of the World Trade Organization agree to set up mutually beneficial policies and power? For imports and exports. most favored nation states
21) The terms polychromic and monochromic focus on the number of: The range of goal-oriented tasks people typically carry out at any given time.
22) Which of the following was not addressed as a competitive imperative? Product innovation.
23) Businesses pursuing a _ strategy seek a competitive advantage by concentrating on offering a product or service with unique features that appeal to a broad market. differentiation
24) A _ protects one partner from the consequences of negligence on the part of another partner. ?
25) _ are risk-taking individuals who bring ideas for action to pursue opportunities and situations to the attention of their employers. Intrapreneurs
26) OFC is a small, family owned business that manufacturers; markets fruit spreads every day at break. controlling
27) Managers who have responsibility for work activities with a direct contribution to the organizations product or services are called _. line managers
28) Positivism is _ and it was foundational in the development of _. The belief that rational, scientific thought can solve all human problems and that there is a steady progress of science and society.
29) The behavioral (or HR) approach to management basically assumes that _. People look for social and personal fulfillment from their work.
30) Issues centered on ethics, human rights and gender roles are _ and therefore an aspect of the _ environment. general.
31) Which of the following was included as a limiting factor (a lock) on individual creativity? Fear that making a mistake will generate problems.
32) A firm that establishes a direct investment in a foreign country through a co-ownership arrangement that pools resources, shares risk and collaboratively… Joint Venture
33) _ cultures are those in which much communication takes place through nonverbal and situational cues in addition to the written. high context
34) Green Earth Gardening Services has been installing and maintaining landsaping for commercial clients for twenty years and want to expand.Partner A wants to… market growth and product
35) According to Porters model, an organization will find it more difficult to achieve competitive success defined as long term returns on investment when: there are few and low barriers to entry
36) Which of the following is NOT true about small businesses in US? Small businesses receive about 70% of federal dollars.
37) Which is NOT a common motivation for entrepreneurship? none
38) A work crew supervisor and plant manager are both in _ positions? line
_ refers to the quantity and quality of work performance with resource utilization taken into account productivity
40) Brenda is calculating the inventory turnover statistics for her department.She is drawing mainly on her _ skills. technical
41) Experience in turning a falling mining company around was the foundation for the principles of administration outlined by: Henry Fayol
42) Hawthorne Studies helped shift the attention of managers and scholars away from the technical and structural concerns emphasize: the study of social and human concerns as keys to productivity
43) New ways of making money for the firm are considered: business model innovations
44) Which of the following statements is accurate Various countries are beginning to enact mutually supportive laws against corrupt business practices
45) Which of the following is NOT a correct statement concerning Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture? ? Collectivism focuses on government structures that range from socialistic to communistic
46) Profitability, market share, human talent, financial health and cost efficiency are all examples of: performance results specified by operating objectives
47) Which of the following lists correctly identifies the different levels of strategy that typically are found in a business? Corporate, business, functional
48) Entrepreneurs share all of the following characteristics except: they minimize risk in order to ensure a stable source of income to keep the new business going
49) A business that maintains web pages for other companies contracts with restaurants to post information the restaurants and also sets up customer access to on-line restaurant reservation service.The web-page provider is applying: : subscription and intermediary business models
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[Solved] Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the social foundations of deviance?

Identify which of the following statements does not adequately represent the situation:

  • Deviance is defined differently in different contexts. People’s perceptions of deviant conduct are heavily influenced by their level of power and social standing. According to one culture, what is deemed “deviant” in another society may be regarded “normal.” When people believe that their own behavior is aberrant, they are seen as deviant as well.

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Flashcards – Management 9

  • 1. refers to conducting business in a successful manner that makes it tough for competitors to copy. (2) Determine which of the following assertions is FALSE: A. Competitive advantage
  • And 2. is an action focus that connects an organization to its environment. C. The ultimate purpose of every organization is to achieve competitive advantage. B. Planning and organizing
  • 4. refers to a company’s decision to concentrate all of its resources on a single unifying and compelling goal. Strategic purpose is expressed in E. A is a strategy for allocating resources in accordance with . Strategic intent
  • C. strategy 6. In today’s enterprises, customers and flexibility are becoming more important than ever. C. a plan of action When it comes to strategy, thinking forward, knowing the environment and your organization, and positioning your organization effectively for competitive advantage are essential. C. management of strategic initiatives
  • The ultimate purpose for every company should be to maximize shareholder value, according to Harvard researcher Michael Porter C. better profitability
  • 9. are those returns that are greater than those that an investor could earn by investing in alternative possibilities with the same level of risk as the original investment. B. Profit margins that are above normal
  • The following statement does not accurately describe the monopolistic environment. 10. Which of the following claims is incorrect? B. Alternatives A, B, and C give realistic representations of the monopolistic environment
  • Alternative C does not. 11. Oil firms such as Shell, BP, and Mobil might be deemed to be operating in a regulated environment. 12. (n) A few players in an oligopoly environment do not directly compete with one another, which is known as an oligopoly environment (12). C. oligopoly environment
  • 13. An oligopoly environment can be defined as an environment in which oligopoly firms dominate. D. All of the foregoing
  • 14. A competitive environment is defined as one in which there are at least many participants who are in direct competition with one another (n) B. the environment of hypercompetition
  • 15. Which of the following assertions does NOT characterize the environment of hypercompetition? B. the environment of hypercompetition d. Any competitive advantage gained in a hypercompetitive environment is often considered to be permanent
  • 16, Identify which of the following claims concerning the competitive nature of organizational settings is TRUE. C. There are at least a few significant participants in the hypercompetition ecosystem who are in direct competitive with one another
  • 17. Organizations accomplish successful strategic management when they design and implement plans thatA. result in long-term, sustainable competitive advantage
  • 18. The key tasks of the strategic management process areD. a and b above
  • 19. 19. Strategy development is a step in the strategic management process that includesD. all of the foregoing
  • 20, According to Peter Drucker, managers should ask five questions during the process of establishing an organization’s strategy. Which of the following statements is NOT one of the questions in this list? D. Who are our direct rivals
  • And Twenty-first, the process of allocating resources and putting strategies into action is referred as as E. Implementation of the strategy
  • 22. The execution of the strategy includesD. everything listed above
  • Strategic management entails judgments, risks, resource allocation, and effort on the part of those who hold the responsibility. Strategy implementation begins with a thorough examination and explanation of the organization’s mission, beliefs, and objectives, which takes place on day 24. E. the process of strategic management
  • 25. Important strategic management responsibilities include all of the activities listed below. WITHOUT LIMITATION, delivering visionary and inspirational leadership
  • And 26. When assessing the performance of strategic management, it is necessary to ask and answer a number of critical questions. Which of the following is NOT one of the most important questions you need to know? A. How well have we performed in the past? 27. The mission of an organization describes the organization’sC. fundamental goal
  • The following are some of the questions that Michael Hammer suggests that an organization’s mission statement should address: 28. What does Michael Hammer propose that an organization’s mission statement address? D. All of the foregoing
  • 29. A successful mission statement should include all of the criteria listed below. The nature of the competitive environment, on the other hand, is an exception. 30- A is concerned with examining the interests of each group of stakeholders, as well as the organization’s track record in reacting to their concerns, as part of the strategic planning process. A strategic constituency analysis is performed. 31. Organizational culture achieves all of the objectives listed below. It, on the other hand, decides the strategy to be pursued
  • 32. Which of the following statements most truly represents the advantages of having strong core principles in your life? D. All of the foregoing
  • 33. guide operations in the direction of important and specific performance results B. The objectives of the operation Short-term objectives against which actual performance outcomes can be assessed are defined as 34. A. The goals of the operation
  • 35. According to Peter Drucker, the common operating objectives for organizations may contain any or all of the items listed below. EXCEPTIONS: establishing a strong organizational culture in order to successfully mold workers’ behavior
  • Widgets-R-Us is a company that makes a variety of industrial fittings. The following are examples of operational objectives that a corporation could pursue: 1. Designing an adaptable organization, on the other hand, is an exception
  • 37. The common operating objectives for organizations may contain any or all of the items listed below. Designing an adaptable organization, however, is an exception. a(n) is an evaluation of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and dangers in the external environment. D. A SWOT analysis is carried out. 39. When assessing an organization’s resources and skills, one of the primary objectives is to identifya. key competencies. b. the goals of the operation c. long-term strategic aims d. external stakeholders who are significant. e. prospective investors are included. 0
  • 40. relate to specific strengths that an organization possesses or things that the organization performs exceptionally effectively in compared to rivals. C. Fundamental abilities
  • 41. The distinctive strengths of an organization may be used to identify core competencies. Which of the following would NOT be considered to be one of these unique organizational characteristics? C. Government rules that are favorable
  • 42. When doing a SWOT analysis, the study of organizational strengths should take into consideration all of the variables listed below:. EXCEPTB. blockages in the manufacturing process 43. When doing a SWOT analysis, the evaluation of organizational vulnerabilities should take into account all of the variables listed below. THE EXCEPTION IS: previous planning accomplishments
  • The company’sA. weaknesses would be identified and evaluated using a SWOT analysis, which would take into account concerns such as old facilities, insufficient research and development, antiquated technology, poor management, and previous planning failures, among other things
  • 45. Potential opportunities and dangers can be recognized in the and sections of the report. D. the macro-environment. the industrial environment
  • And, 46. In a SWOT analysis, industry environmental elements include the organization’s competitive position in the industry. D. All of the foregoing
  • 47. When doing a SWOT analysis, it is feasible to assess a company’s Prospects by asking questions about potential new markets, the expansion of existing markets, the advent of new technologies, and the weaknesses of market competitors. A. opportunities
  • 48. When doing a SWOT analysis, the evaluation of threats within the industry and macroenvironments should address all of the areas listed below. A. threats within the industry and macroenvironments
  • In completing a SWOT analysis, a company’s should be evaluated in terms of new rivals and prospective resource shortages, changing market tastes, replacement goods and new laws. EXCEPTA. an abundance of resources
  • 49. D. potential dangers
  • Fifty-one. Which of the following is NOT one of the five strategic forces that should be taken into account when performing an industry analysis? B. The impact of developments in information technology
  • 51. From the perspective of Porter’s five forces model, a(n) is a mode in which intense rivalry already exists among competitors, there are significant threats in the form of new competitors and substitute products, and suppliers and buyers are extremely powerful in their bargaining over prices and quality. a(n) is a mode in which intense rivalry already exists among competitors, there are substantial threats in the form of new competitors and substitute products, and suppliers and buyers According to Porter’s five forces model, an a(n) industry is one in which there is less severe rivalry, limited risks from new entrants or alternatives, and low bargaining power among suppliers and purchasers. What industry is considered to be attractive? 53. Which of the following lists accurately illustrates the several levels of strategy that might exist in a business? Corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy are all types of strategy. 54. focuses on the strategic question of where should we compete in what sectors and markets. B. Corporate strategy
  • 55. provides a solution to the question: How can we employ resources to accomplish our company plan to the greatest extent possible? E. Functional strategy (number 56)
  • 56. A strategy entails achieving growth by expanding inside the same industry or company sector. concentration
  • 57. A strategy comprises the purchase of, or investment in, new and sometimes distinct business sectors in order to expand the company’s revenue and profits. B. diversification
  • 58. includes the expansion of an organization’s operations by the acquisition of additional firms or the entry into new business sectors that are connected to the organization’s existing operations. A. Related diversification
  • 59. includes the expansion of an organization’s operations by the acquisition of new enterprises or the entry into new business sectors that are distinct from the organization’s current operations. 60. Diversification via happens when a firm strives to add value to its operations by acquiring suppliers or distributors. E. Unrelated diversification E. vertical integration of businesses
  • 60. A is used when it is necessary to make adjustments to the size and/or mix of activities in order to increase efficiency and/or enhance performance. A restructuring strategy is a plan for reorganizing a business. Which of the following descriptions of retrenchment is incorrect? A. Backward integration is the process of making modifications to the scale and/or mix of activities in order to increase efficiency and improve performance. It occurs when two or more organizations come together in partnership to achieve a common goal in an area of mutual interest. 63. a. Vertical integration (also known as vertical integration). Strategic alliances*b. Horizontal integration*c. Vertical integration d. Strategic contractse. Collusion within an organization0
  • 64. Which of the following is a possibility when it comes to strategic alliances? D. All of the foregoing
  • 65. A(n) refers to the strategic use of the Internet to obtain a competitive edge over others. E-business strategy (part B)
  • Organizations’ vertical supply chains are linked vertically through the use of information technology and the Internet, which is referred to as 66. B. Business-to-Business (B2B) strategies 67. Historically, the most significant prospects for achieving competitive advantage have included all of the factors listed below. EXCEPTION: societal advancement
  • In which one of the following assertions does Michael Porter’s generic strategies model not adequately capture a feature of it, and why? 69. Michael Porter’s generic strategies model specifies four essential strategies, which are represented by stars, cash cows, dogs, and question marks. Which of the following statements is the most accurate description of these strategies? Difference, cost leadership, targeted differentiation and cost leadership are all examples of C-level strategies. Companies attempting to gain an edge over their competitors do so by devoting the majority of their resources and focus on differentiating their products from those of their competitors. B. a strategy of distinction
  • The focus on one specific market segment and the attempt to give clients in that segment an exclusive product are the hallmarks of organizations seeking a competitive advantage through strategy. A. a strategy of distinction that is concentrated
  • Companies pursuing competitive advantage aim to gain an edge over their competitors by devoting their resources and attention toward reducing costs in order to operate more effectively than their competitors. 72. Strategy for controlling costs (A. cost leadership strategy)
  • Understanding product life cycles and is a critical business skill to have. 73. B. modifying the approach as necessary
  • And ABC Industries has recently introduced a new product to the market. When it comes to this point of ABC’s life cycle, which of the following tactics would be the most appropriate? A significant amount of money is spent on advertising and marketing research. In the following statement, which of the following is a true description of the tactics that should be applied at different phases of the product life cycle? A. Products in the introduction and growth stages lend themselves to differentiation and prospector tactics, and investments in advertising and market research are required in order to create a market presence and build a client base
  • And The purpose of portfolio planning may be appropriately described by which of the following statements: C. To assist managers in making strategic investments of limited organizational resources among competing business opportunities
  • 77. The BCG portfolio planning model employs an examination of and to identify business opportunities and suitable business strategies
  • And D. the pace of market growth. the market share
  • 78. According to the Boston Consulting Group’s matrix, a’star’ refers to an organization or subunit that hasE. a high market share in a high-growth market
  • 79. A ‘cash cow,’ as the term is used by the Boston Consulting Group, refers to an organization or subunit that hasC. a high market share in a low-growth market
  • 80. A ‘question mark,’ as the term is used by the Boston Consulting Group, refer Aspect of the GE Business Screen that is not correctly described is D. Which of the following assertions is NOT true about the GE Business Screen? When the business strength and industry attractiveness variables are combined, the result is an eighteen-cell matrix that categorizes business units as either “stars,” “questions,” “cash cows,” or “dogs.” The Miles and Snow adaptive model emphasizes that organizations should pursue strategies thatC. are congruent with the nature of their external environments
  • And 84. An organization is following a(n) strategy when it avoids change by emphasizing existing products and current market share. The pursuit of innovation and new possibilities in the face of risk and with the potential of growth constitutes a(n) strategy for an organization, according to 85. E. prospector
  • 86. When an organization just responds to competitive forces in order to survive, it is pursuing a(n) strategy. B. reactor
  • 87. is the perspective that strategies take shape, alter, and grow over time as a consequence of managers’ learning and experience, which results in modest and gradual modifications. It is a process that develops gradually over time as managers make’streams’ of decisions as they learn from and adapt to work environments (E. Suboptimisation). Successful strategies have numerous characteristics in common. C. Emergent strategies
  • 89. Current challenges in the correct execution of strategy includeD. all of the foregoing
  • 90. Which of the following characteristics is NOT one of these important characteristics? A common strategic planning pitfall is the failure to pay adequate attention to the analysis of mission and purpose, core values and corporate culture, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and environmental opportunities and threats. C. failures of substance are a type of strategic planning pitfall that occurs when leaders are unwilling to take extraordinary risks on behalf of the organization. 92. Senior executives of ACME Corporation do not now have a formal part in the company’s strategic planning efforts. Instead, they rely on the planning department to complete all of the activities associated with strategic planning. This is an example of aA. process failures
  • 93. Failures of process, which refer to the way in which various aspects of strategic planning are accomplished, are a strategic planning pitfall that must be avoided. In today’s business environment, boards of directors and other major stakeholder representatives are exerting new pressures on their respective organizations. The pressures coming from these organizations are focused onE. corporate governance
  • And Boards of directors and other major stakeholder representatives are in charge of maintaining the system of control and performance monitoring of top management. 95. E. Corporate governance
  • 96. In the field of corporate governance, disagreements frequently emerge over the duties of and . In addition to within directors, there are also outside directors. Organizational strategy implementation is defined as the capacity of a leader to excite and motivate people to successfully participate in a process of continual change, refinement, and execution of organizational strategies. What is strategic leadership and how does it work? Which of the following is not one of the most important functions of strategic leadership? Create an educational environment by communicating the plan and making it a cause.
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Auguste Rodin’s sculpture combines classical and contemporary elements in a single piece. Rodin’s The Gates of Hell exhibits which of the following characteristics that may be classified as modernist innovations? Impressionist painters concentrated their efforts on specific subjects. The subject matter (content, plot) of Impressionist art was restricted to the following subjects, with the exception of: It was Edouard Manet’s lunch on the lawn that was rejected by the Salon in 1863. Is it correct to say which of the following statements?

  • Which of the following traits was not one of these characteristics?
  • According to this definition, modernism refers to which of the following?
  • Which of the following female artists was a painter who belonged to the Impressionist movement?
  • This approach does not truly represent the style of Impressionist painting, according to which of the following?
  • When was it proposed by which Post-Impressionist artist that the natural world may be reduced to three geometric shapes?
  • The author of the essay “Modern Painting,” Guillaume Apollinaire, makes the following statement: Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a painting by Pablo Picasso from 1907.
  • There is a public domain version of the image seen above accessible from Wikipedia, which may be obtained at this link: Is it true that the following assertion concerning Analytic Cubism is false?

Of the following assertions regarding Fauvism, which is untrue?

Which of the following assertions about the effect of African art on Cubism and Fauvism is incorrect?

Identify which of the following allegations regarding Constantin Brancusi’s 1916 sculpture The Kiss of 1916 is untrue.

Is it true that the following assertion concerning Futurism is false?

Is one of the following assertions concerning Italian Futurists and their manifestos correct?

In relation to Wassily Kandinsky, which of the following claims is incorrect?

Constructionists were concerned with which of the following concepts?

Which of the following did constructivists consider to be their mission?

Which of the following statements most accurately characterizes their idealistic objectives?

Is/are the following assertions about De Stijl correct?


What did Andre Breton celebrate in his “Surrealist Manifesto?” is the subject of this question.

Identify which of the following assertions concerning Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades” is untrue: Identify which of the following allegations regarding Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase is untrue: Identify which of the following assertions regarding the Dada movement is untrue.

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What did the Bauhaus want to achieve with its educational program?

A folkloristic, naturalistic approach was employed in the representation of patriotic subject matter by which of the following movements?

Which of the following painters was influenced by Greek and Roman mythology?

In relation to Jackson Pollock’s paintings, which of the following claims is incorrect?

That is the artist who made the painting below?

It can be found here: http://wallyg.com/licenses/creative-commons-attribution-noncommercial-nonderivs-2.0/.

Whose works include appearances by Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Taylor?

The Neo-Dada and Pop Art movements of the 1950s and 1960s were influenced by which previous twentieth-century artist the most?

In relation to Pop Art, which of the following claims is false?

Donald Judd’s paintings conjure concepts of industrial manufacturing through all of the elements listed below, with the exception of: Clement Greenberg’s essay, “Modernist Painting,” provides a definition of modernist painting in what way?

The answer to this question is: Which of the following is not a feature of minimalism?

And which artist was also a key theoretician in the field of Land Art?

Is it true that the following assertion concerning Installation Art is incorrect?

In relation to Christo and Jeanne-art, Claude’s which of the following claims is false?

Which of the following does not characterize Cindy Sherman’s “Film Still” series as a postmodernist characteristic?

Identify which of the following assertions concerning Sherrie Levine’s appropriation of the work of previous male artists is untrue: This value is not related with modernism in which of the following ways?

Installed art and performance art share which of the following characteristics?

Identify which of the following allegations regarding Vito Acconci’s Following Piece is untrue: Just what is it about the work of Romare Bearden that has anything in common with the art of Pablo Picasso and Hannah Hoch?

Which of the following does not contribute to the political implications of Judy Chicago’s novel The Dinner Party?

Identify which of the following assertions concerning Barbara Kruger’s use of text in her work is untrue: Which of the following phrases does not accurately characterize the work of Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons?

Which artist is credited with coining the term “superflat” to characterize his or her own work?

Anselm Kiefer’s work is characterized by which of the following claims is false? Identify which of the following allegations regarding Damien Hirst’s “For the Love of God” is untrue:

Survey of Art and Culture Chapter Quiz Questions – A CHAPTER 1 Practice Quiz Where do scientists

A QUIZ ON CHAPTER 1 PREPARATION 1. Where do scientists think the origins of humans to be? a.Africa 2.Can you tell me where the Apollo 11 Cave is located? a.Namibia 3.What type of material was used to create the person with feline head that was unearthed in Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany? a.Ivory from a mammoth 4.What do art historians believe to be the Venus of Willendorf’s intended purpose remains unknown. a.The figure of fertility 5.What nation does the Altamira Cave belong to? a.Spain 6.What is the most likely function of the “negative” handprints seen in certain Paleolithic caves, and how did they come to be there?

  1. a.It enables a thorough portrayal of the animal’s notion to be achieved.
  2. a.Despite the fact that these paintings are the oldest known Paleolithic paintings, they demonstrate sophisticated painting characteristics as well as narrative content.
  3. a.The paintings were created by a variety of artists over a long period of time.
  4. a.Turkey 11.1 What is the most notable characteristic of the climatic conditions in northern Europe circa 9000 BCE?
  5. a.Epoch of the Mesolithic period 13.What major human development is responsible for the Neolithic origins of metals, weaving, pottery, and simpleclay records, among other things?
  6. Which settlement is linked with the beginning of large-scale, or monumental, sculpture?
  7. In what ways do the materials used in the paintings from atal Höyük differ from those used in Paleolithic paintings?
  8. a.They are created by painting using brushes on a previously prepared surface17.
  9. A historical monument18.What architectural form distinguishes this temple at Hagar Qim as being particularly noteworthy?

a.A religious center a.Post and lintel construction

Key Dimensions of Organizational Culture

  • In the Organizational Culture Profile, there are seven dimensions of culture to consider.

In the Organizational Culture Profile, there are seven dimensions of culture to discuss.


It should come as no surprise that precision-oriented businesses place a high value on painstaking attention to detail. In most cases, these businesses are in customer-oriented industries where accuracy is seen as very valuable. Four Seasons hotels, for example, are committed to giving clients with the precise service they desire, and they keep detailed records on each guest’s experiences, preferences, and expectations, as well as their own. Employees that work for Four Seasons must have a keen eye for detail and a desire to maintain accurate records in their jobs.


Working with firms such as W.L. Gore and Associates, the producer of GORE-TEX, or 3M may be a good option for those looking for opportunity to design new products or provide innovative services. These businesses not only foster creativity, but they also provide employees with corporate time to work on their own ideas. It is possible that engineers or scientists working on their own may come up with a wide range of intriguing new goods as a consequence of this technique.


Although some businesses place a high priority on cooperation, others place a high value on cutthroat rivalry. Stratasys, a 3D printer manufacturer, has demonstrated a willingness to cultivate enemies in order to survive and prosper. Stratasys grew swiftly via acquisitions, mergers, and acquisitions of other companies, establishing a leading position in the 3D printer sector. Stratasys’ aggressive strategy has occasionally landed the firm in legal trouble, but the company has managed to maintain its high level of performance.


Enterprises that are focused on results are known as outcome-oriented businesses. Sales training is provided to staff at RE/MAX, who are then assessed based on their success in the field of product selling. RE/MAX, which is an abbreviation for “Real Estate Maximums,” is an American worldwide real estate corporation that operates on a franchise model. Since 1999, the firm has dominated the market in the United States and Canada, capturing over half of the total.


Employees in a stable firm are well aware of who is in control, who they are supposed to report to, and what they are expected to achieve. In contrast to this, Kraft Foods, which is a relatively stable corporation with a large bureaucracy, is not. Kraft, on the other hand, is not recognized for its invention or ingenuity, despite the fact that it is constant.


If you work for a firm that values its employees, you can expect the company to be concerned about you. They place a high priority on justice and are supportive of the rights and dignity of persons. SABIC, a software firm, is an excellent example of a people-oriented organization that provides its employees with an extensive range of tailored perks, including on-site daycare.

In the words of Chief Executive Officer Jim Goodnight, “treat people like they make a difference, and they will.” As a result, employees are devoted and dedicated to their jobs.


Workers who enjoy collaborating and cooperating with their colleagues fare well in teams-oriented organizations. Whole Foods, for example, wants its workers to work as part of teams and to lend a helping hand to other members of the team when the situation calls for it. The result is the development of strong, solid ties within working groups. The “best” company culture does not exist, and many bigger organizations have more than one culture, which is why it is important to understand them. For example, the sales department may have a culture that is aggressive, but the marketing department may have a more team-oriented culture.

Research Guides: Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Types of Research Designs

The purpose of a research design is to guarantee that the data gathered allows you to properly address the research topic in the most logical and straightforward manner possible once it has been collected. Finding information relevant to a research problem in the social sciences typically entails specifying the type of evidence that will be required to test a theory, evaluate a program, or accurately describe and assess the meaning associated with an observable phenomenon in order to conduct the research.

If these design concerns are not addressed in advance, the entire study problem will not be fully addressed, and any conclusions obtained will be weak and persuasive, which will jeopardize the validity of the findings.

The length and complexity of your paper’s description of study designs might vary significantly, but any well-developed description will accomplish the following goals:

  1. Make a clear identification of the research problem and a justification for its selection, particularly in light of any legitimate alternative designs that could have been utilized
  2. Previous published literature linked with the research topic is reviewed and synthesized
  3. Hypotheses that are important to the situation should be expressed clearly and unambiguously Provide an effective description of the information and/or data that will be required for an adequate testing of the hypotheses, and explain how such information and/or data will be gathered
  4. Describe the techniques of analysis that will be used to determine whether the hypotheses are true or incorrect based on the data

Introductions are frequently accompanied with a description of the study design. Reviewing the literature of studies that have used the same study design as yours will provide you with a general idea of what you should do next. This might assist you in developing an outline for your own paper that you can then follow. PLEASE NOTE: You may search for academic materials on how to apply various research designs and methodologies using the SAGE Research Methods Online and Cases and the SAGE Research Methods Videosdatabases, respectively.

An additional feature of this book is the inclusion of case examples from various social research projects, which may be utilized to help you better comprehend abstract or sophisticated methodological principles.

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