What Happened In 2015 Pop Culture

#TheLIST: 2015 in Pop Culture

Empire, Adele, and The Force Awakens were just a few of the highlights of a record-breaking year in pop culture. Please enjoy the following trip down the not-so-distant memory lane. 1 ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake is the song in question. The track “Hotline Bling” was published in July, but the song didn’t really take off until October, when a bright video showcasing the rapper dad-dancing in a now-iconic oversized gray sweater was released. The incredibly GIF-able footage went viral almost immediately, inspiring hundreds of parodies, ranging from Elaine from Seinfeld to Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, among others.

In 2015, FOX capitalized on the energy generated by the start of a new year by launching the mega-hitEmpireon January 7.

3 Amy Schumer is the breakout star of the show.

Despite the fact that Season 3 ofInside Amy Schumerfeatured far too many viral sketches to list (the standouts being “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” and “Last F*ckable Day”), Schumer’s role as writer and actress ofTrainwreck elevated her from Comedy Central trademark to household figure overnight.

  • She also appeared on Barbara Walter’s list of the most fascinating people.
  • 4 ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘Mad Max’ are two films that come to mind.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey, theTwilightfanfic-turned-bestseller responsible for making BDSM into a topic of mainstream debate, had its blockbuster movie event in early 2015, complete with a Valentine’s Day release date and tons of branded goods (a handcuff-totingteddy bear, anyone?).
  • Featuring a strong feminist message and a strong cast of female actors, including Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz, as well as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Riley Keough, Fury Road effectively defied the usual masculine action film.
  • Taylor Swift cemented “Bad Blood” as the summer’s most popular song with a meticulously choreographed video premiere at the MTV Video Music Awards in May, which was followed by a continent-hopping parade with her “squad” on her The1989World Tour in June.
  • Swift performed with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, John Legend, Mick Jagger Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, and the complete United States Women’s Soccer Team were among the other attendees.
  • How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman become the hottest-selling ticket on Broadway?

When it comes to the show, you couldn’t be more wrong; it has a Grammy-nominated hip-hop soundtrack that is chock-full of odes to rap’s greatest, a diverse cast (“we’re telling the stories of old, dead white men but we’re using actors of color, and that makes the story more immediate and accessible to a contemporary audience,” Miranda said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter), a nearly sold-out run (good luck finding resa Consider joining the cast before the musical takes home the 2016 Tony Award for Best Musical or Comedy.

  • 7 ’25’ by Adele is the album in question.
  • In October, after more than a year of delays, the 10-time Grammy winner returned with the single “Hello,” which drove the Internet into a frenzy.
  • There’s no way we’ll be saying goodbye to Adele anytime soon, especially with a sold-out global tour planned for 2016.
  • Don Draper finally got the happy ending he deserved after eight years and seven seasons on AMC’s Sterling CooperPartners, which tied up all of the loose ends and brought the show to a close.
  • During the Emmy Awards in September, Jon Hamm was awarded the award for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Drama for the first time.
  • Just days after becoming the first African-American woman to perform in “Swan Lake” at the Metropolitan Opera House, Misty Copeland was chosen principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre.
  • 10The cliffhanger that is Jon Snow’s death in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” For Game of Thrones fans, the day of June 14, 2015, will be remembered forever as the day they saw the alleged death of Jon Snow in the last minutes of Season 5 finale.

11The Murder Mysteries: ‘The Jinx’ and ‘Making a Murderer’ are two of the most popular murder mysteries on television.

You haven’t seen them yet, have you?

12 Even though BAZAARnamed herone to watch back in 2012, Alicia Vikander has proven her worth in Hollywood with a diverse assortment of celebrated films this year, from indie standoutEx Machina to awards season favoriteThe Danish Girl (she’s practically a lock for an Oscar nomination).

Expect nothing but the best from this one.

Both of 2015’s main book events owe their accomplishments to the efforts of their predecessors, yet the parallels between the two events end there.

Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee’s first published work in 55 years and the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, has sparked controversy due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding its publication and the newfound racist attitude of To Kill a Mockingbird’s heroic Atticus Finch, who appears in the novel.

  1. Following a candid interview with Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn Jenner made her public debut with a Vanity Fair cover shot by Annie Liebovitz, on which she proudly said, “Call Me Caitlyn.” Caitlyn Jenner is a transgender woman who was born Caitlyn.
  2. She has also appeared in her own E!
  3. 15 The Rise of Netflix: “Jessica Jones,” “Narcos,” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” are just a few of the shows.
  4. These shows will include Fuller House, Marvel’s Luke Cage, and a revival of A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  5. 16 ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ marks the beginning of the return of the Jedi.
  6. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm and announced a new trilogy of films in 2012, the franchise experienced its fair share of highs (The Empire Strikes Back) and lows (those prequels).
  7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, directed by J.J.
  8. With a sequel scheduled for release in May of 2017, we are merely at the beginning of a new era in the Star Wars franchise.

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The 25 Most Delightful Pop-Culture Moments of 2015

The year 2015 will be remembered fondly by historians in decades to come as an era characterized by severe global, financial, and ecological difficulties. At the very least, Bing Bong will be remembered fondly. Our pop-culture pick-me-ups were in high demand this year, and fortunately, there were plenty of movies, TV episodes, and ADD-aggravating memes available to soothe, divert, and occasionally puzzle us whenever we needed them. Here are 25 screen-save-the-day moments, some of which are hilarious.

  1. The Knick (number 25) Beautifully flows out of the wound For those of you who haven’t seen Season 2 of The Knick, please stop reading and immediately go watch Season 2 of The Knick(spoilers abound!).
  2. And it all culminated in the season’s dizzying closing scenes, in which Owen’s Dr.
  3. One of the finest season (and even series?) finales in television history.
  4. It was nonetheless remarkable how swiftly the sequel to this summer’s pecs-and-sex theme was abandoned and instead turned its attention to the ladies who work behind the scenes (and in the audience seats) to make the show what it is.

When the film ends with a strip-contest conclusion, which is emceed by Smith, who delivers one of the smoothest and most captivating performances of her career, it’s evident that the producers should have gone with a more appropriate title: “Straight Outta Compton” would have been a more appropriate choice.

In Furious 7, the Rock erupts in rage.

Only one scene in the film, during which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s badly bruised federal agent—who has spent much of the film in a hospital bed, watchingThe Hulk—finally heals and cracks open his arm cast using nothing but muscle, grunts, and 6.1 million grams of pure suspended disbelief—elicited as many whoops and hollers.

  • Despite the fact that Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight was not a laugh-out-loud comedy, the writer-director was unwittingly responsible for one of the year’s most amusing memes, which featured John Travolta’s bemused character.
  • Escher illustration (see above), or looked just as befuddled as the rest of us in Interstellar.
  • The Bone Tomahawk Cannibalizes Our Nightmares (number 21).
  • Craig Zahler, stars the 64-year-old actor as a noble sheriff whose tranquil backwater village is overrun by a band of local cannibals in the film.
  • But while the film’s perceptive dialogue and tension-teasing pace are enough to distinguish it, its most memorable moment is an unexpected and inventively horrific third act that will haunt you for the rest of your days (and nights).
  • Kimmy Schmidt liberates the television theme song Even the most rudimentary explanation of Unbreakable was sufficient to capture our attention.
  • Sold.
  • It was the ideal method to introduce viewers to the show’s premise, and even established that Kimmy’s narrative would spread like wildfire, but even better, it provided us with a catchy theme music the likes of which we hadn’t heard since the beginning of the series.
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Put on a Put-Down Showdown in the game Spy As a CIA employee, McCarthy begins Spyas a mild-mannered operative who goes undercover to assist in the capture of a snippy, nuclear-wielding international monster (played by Rose Byrne, who, after nimble supporting turns inBridesmaidsandNeighbors, has become a not-so-secret weapon in her own right).

As a rule, McCarthy’s characters have had a daffy, deeply ingrained niceness about them, which makes her uncorked mean-streak all the more rewarding.

On occasion, Facebook demonstrates its usefulness, like when Erykah Badu promoted the release of her new mixtape, But You Cain’t Use My Phone, in October by releasing a cover version of Drake’s summertime lost-love tune “Hotline Bling.” To re-create the tune, Erykah collaborated with a trio of musicians rather than merely singing over Noah “40” Shebib’s original production (because, honestly, why isn’t he just referred to as 40?

  1. ), and the result is every bit of fire as you’d expect.
  2. —Peter Rubin, et al.
  3. One of the year’s most enjoyably ridiculous installments of Nathan Fielder’s business-concept comedy was also one of the season’s simplest: he transformed a dive bar into a living piece of performance art.
  4. Fielder attempts to enlist individuals to help drag furniture for free in order to assist a failing moving firm, with the furniture being sold to them as a form of exercise.
  5. The ease with which Garbarino delivers his obviously invented tales—and the haste with which the TV presenters devour them—will almost certainly make you cringe.
  6. “Fuck Spider-Man!” yells the group at once.

In fact, Lena Dunham’s dram-com spawns so many cynical Twitter rants and overheated dink-pieces that it can be easy to forget that it can still be one of the funniest and most unnervingly observant chronicles of twentysomething life on television, even in its current state (or anywhere, really).

  1. It was via her (albeit grating) soft-rock ensemble that Marnie (Allison Williams) discovered her own personal style.
  2. Girlshas never been known for being particularly warm and inviting, but this season has seemed like a huge, big, welcome embrace at moments, one that has encompassed both its characters and its fans.
  3. Jason Mitchell receives an A+ for his performance as Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton.
  4. The presence of Mitchell, with his expressive eyes and wacky body, holds the film together so well that, as the credits roll, you find yourself wishing for nothing but more Eazy.
  5. Deliver a Reunion Tour de Forces performance.
  6. As a result, when Blur’s The Magic comes on, When the announcements of Whip and Sleater-No Kinney’s Cities to Lovewere made, fans were taken aback—and perhaps a bit concerned, as recollections of shaky reunion attempts by groups like Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins flashed through their minds.
  7. 12.
  8. As Nathan Bateman, a software millionaire with an alpha-bro attitude that was both threatening as it was deceitful, one of the most pleasant shocks of Alex Garland’s sci-fi independent film was Isaac’s portrayal as the title character.

I promise you that. Take a look at it.” TV show —Peter RubinHBO

Here Are The Biggest Pop Culture Moments That Defined 2015

When historians look back on 2015, they will say, “Well, at least they had Bing Bong.” It was a year that was rife with global, financial, and ecological problems. Throughout the year, we were in desperate need of pop-culture pick-me-ups like we’d never seen them before, and thankfully, there were plenty of movies, TV shows, and ADD-amplification memes available to comfort, distract, and occasionally confound us when we needed them the most. Some of them are included in this list of 25 screen-saver moments: Others were smaller than a memory orb, but they all contributed to making the year 2015 bearable.

For those of you who haven’t seen Season 2 of The Knick, please stop reading and go watch Season 2 of The Knick(spoilers abound!

The episodes this year were a narcotizing cocktail of pulp melodrama, harrowing sociological history, and intrigue that had you watching through your fingers, if you’re familiar with Steven Soderbergh’s turn-of-the-century-set medical drama, in which Clive Owen stars as a brilliant but drug-addled surgeon, and you’re up to speed on the series.

  1. John Thackery, once again zonked to the gills, operates on himself, going literally gut-deep, and finally finding peace (possibly for good; it’s still unclear whether Owen, or the show, will return for a third season).
  2. The Ladies of Magic Mike XXL (number 24).
  3. A fizzy, flesh-peddling tale of male-stripper American-dreaming that also happened to be an empathetic examination of modern-day capitalism was released this week.
  4. This includes Jada Pinkett Smith, who plays a high-end, high-minded strip-club owner; Andie MacDowell, who plays a wise, wine-sipping divorcee; and Amber Heard, who plays an aspiring photographer who doesn’t require a man, but could use some encouragement.
  5. It’s the 23rd installment of Magic Mike.

However, few scenes elicited as many whoops and hollers as the scene in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s badly bruised federal agent—who has spent much of the film in a hospital bed, watchingThe Hulk—finally heals and cracks open his arm cast using nothing but muscle, grunts, and 6.1 million grams of pure suspended disbelief—is revealed.

  1. The Hateful Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino, may not have been a laugh riot, but the writer-director was accidentally responsible for one of the year’s most funny memes, which featured John Travolta’s befuddled character in the movie.
  2. Escher illustration (above), or looked just as befuddled as the rest of us in Interstellar.
  3. Cannibalizes our nightmares in number twenty-one.
  4. During the filming of S.
  5. He and his improvised crew, which includes Lost’s Matthew Fox and Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins, set out to track down the flesh-feeders.

Even though it doesn’t seem very “delightful” to everyone, if you’re the type of horror lover who grew up with Stephen King novels on the shelf and John Carpenter films on repeat, Bone will consume you.20.Unbreakable Release of the Television Theme Song by Kimmy Schmidt Even the most rudimentary explanation of Unbreakable was sufficient to spark our attention.

  1. Sold.
  2. In addition to being the ideal approach to draw viewers in to the show’s premise and even establish that Kimmy’s narrative would spread like wildfire, it provided us with an infectious theme music the likes of which we hadn’t heard in a long time.
  3. Put on a Put-Down Showdown in Spy.
  4. McCarthy, on the other hand, morphs into a giddily obscene insult-incubator after receiving a barrage of one-liners, as she and Byrne trade nasty, sharp, and progressively funny one-liners throughout the film (ex: “You look like a slutty dolphin trainer”).
  5. Drizzy’s number is given to Erykah Badu Sometimes, Facebook demonstrates its worth, like when Erykah Badu launched her new mixtape, But You Cain’t Use My Phone, by releasing a cover version of Drake’s summertime lost-love hit “Hotline Bling” in October.
  6. ), and the result is every bit of hot as you’d expect.
  7. —Peter Rubin, a renowned economist 16.”Nathan for You” begins a “Movement” in the right direction.

He recruits a local bodybuilder, Jack Garbarino, to help spread the word by appearing on a number of local television talk shows and lying—not only about the workout routine’s effectiveness, but also about his childhood friendship with Steve Jobs and his volunteer work with “jungle children” (all of this is documented in Garbarino’s fake, ghost-written memoir, The Movement, which shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list after it aired).

  1. The ease with which Garbarino delivers his blatantly concocted tales—and the haste with which the news presenters devour them—will almost certainly make you cringe in your seats.
  2. Billy on the Street, starring Julianne Moore, takes over Times Square on September 16.
  3. 15.
  4. It’s easy to forget that Lena Dunham’s dramedy provokes so many churlish Twitter spiels and overheated dink-pieces that it can still be the funniest, most unnervingly observant portrayal of twentysomething life on television (or anywhere, really).
  5. She went on to become a semi-selfless teacher, like Hannah (Dunham).
  6. As a result, Ray (Alex Karpovsky) chose to pursue a career in municipal politics, a sector in which his constant intransigence and delightfully overblown opining are sure to thrive.
  7. As Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton, Jason Mitchell receives an A+.

The presence of Mitchell, with his expressive eyes and wacky body, holds the film together so well that, as the credits roll, you’re left wanting nothing more than more Eazy.

Deliver a Tour de Forces for the Reunion.

Consequently, when Blur’s The Magic comes on, it is a special occasion.

Thanks to their respective bands’ efforts, both the globe-hoppingly experimentalWhipandthe gut-punchingCitieswere among the greatest albums of the year, remaining faithful to their respective pasts while also excitedly pushing their sounds (and their fans) in new areas.

As Nathan Bateman, a software millionaire with an alpha-bro shtick that was both terrifying as it was deceitful, one of the most pleasant shocks of Alex Garland’s sci-fi independent picture was Isaac’s portrayal as the aforementioned character.

See what I mean?” —Peter Rubin from HBO

Pop Culture in Review for the year 2015

As the calendar year 2015 came to a close, it was time to take a look back at some of the events that had shaped the year. The financial, global, and economic problems were at their height at the moment, but we had something to cheer ourselves up with at the time. We were kept entertained by the worlds of television and movies. While we endured a dreadful year as a result of the crises, we were entertained with a plethora of television series, movies, and even memes. As a result, one could argue that 2015 was a very generous year in terms of video games, music, and social media, among other things.

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Perhaps this is the only way in which people will remember it in the future.


The year 2015 began with the release of a song that would go on to receive billions of views on YouTube over the next several years. Adele performed the song, which was named ‘Hello.’ Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the song is that, if you were to listen to it now, it would sound as if it had just been released yesterday. It had a distinct freshness and Adele’s signature mood that could be felt every time you heard it. Vevo’s record for most views in a day was broken by the music video “Hello,” which had over a million views in only 24 hours.

The song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Taylor Swift, released in 2017, was the first in a long time to break the record.

57 thAnnual Grammy Awards

Taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in February 2015, the 57th Annual Grammy Awards were presented. Sam Smith was the night’s biggest winner, taking home four prizes in total. At the ceremony, Kanye West made light of the fact that Beyoncé should have won the Album of the Year award and climbed on stage to replicate his 2009 gaffe, but he didn’t say anything after that. There were a total of 83 Grammy awards given out, one more than the previous year. Also honored were individuals such as Buddy Guy, Pierre Boulez, and the Bee Gees for their contributions to music throughout a lifetime, among others.

2015 i Heart Radio Music Awards

A ceremony for the iHeartRadio Music Awards was held on March 29, 2015, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The show was hosted by Jamie Foxx, who also served as its host. Three prizes were given to Taylor Swift, while the Innovator award went to Justin Timberlake, who was nominated for three awards. When compared to the previous year, the event was able to draw more than 75% of the total audience. Every year, the iHeartRadio Songs Awards are conducted in addition to other award events, with the emphasis on recognizing and rewarding new musicians that have created original music and albums.


When Will You Marry Me? was painted by Paul Gauguin in 1892 and is one of his most famous works. The picture, which is an oil on canvas, is considered to be one of the most appreciated pieces of art in the world. In the beginning, it was held in Switzerland, but eventually ended up with Sheikha Al-Mayasseri Al-Thani. He had purchased the artwork in February 2015 for around US$210 million, making it one of the most expensive works of art in the world at the time.

According to some sources, the painting was sold for $300 million. The painting’s exclusivity and distinctiveness, on the other hand, can only be admired.

The Broad

“When Will You Marry Me?” was painted by Paul Gauguin in 1892. One of the most admired pieces of art in the world, this oil painting is among the most famous paintings in the world. In the beginning, it was held in Switzerland, but eventually ended up with Sheikha Al-Mayasseri Al-Thani of Bahrain. When he purchased the artwork in February 2015, he paid around US$210 million, making it one of the most expensive works of art in existence at the time. The picture was reportedly sold for $300 million, according to some estimates.


It was a unique edition of Shelly’s ‘Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things’ that the Bodleian Library, the major research library of the University of Oxford, bought as its twelve millionth volume, marking the library’s milestone. The article was first published in 1811, but it has since been lost to history. Then, in 2006, a copy was discovered and made available in the Bodleian Library, which opened its doors to the public in 2015.


This is the first time that the Paris-based company Givenchy has chosen to exhibit its collection during New York Fashion Week rather than Paris Fashion Week. Riccardo Tisci chose New York Fashion Week to debut his Spring 2016 collection, which coincided with the official inauguration of the brand’s main shop. Also planned was to pay tribute to those who lost their lives as a result of the September 11th terrorist strikes.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Walk for the First Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

In December, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid made history by being cast in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, marking the first time any of them had been cast in the show. Victoria’s Secret is well-known for its women’s innerwear goods, and its runway shows draw in millions of consumers and spectators each year. Furthermore, every time Victoria’s Secret introduces a new range of clothing, the entire globe comes to a halt and turns its attention to the company. It has been introducing amazing collections and taking the lead in establishing new fashion trends for many years.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the highest-grossing film of the year, making over $1 billion worldwide. Just in Canada and the United States, it has amassed more than $936.7 million in tax revenue. Furthermore, $1.132 billion was collected in other nations, with a total projected to be in excess of $2.068 billion globally. It was the first episode in the Star Wars Trilogy, and its popularity came as no surprise, which was remarkable given the circumstances. Due to the film’s massive fan base, which numbered billions, it was expected to be the biggest blockbuster of the decade and one of the highest-grossing pictures of all time.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is the fourth entry in the Jurassic Park film series, and it was released in 2015. It was the second-highest-grossing picture of 2015, with total worldwide box office receipts of $652.3 million, including $652.3 million in Canada and the United States. The film grossed a total of $1.019 billion in other countries, with a global total of $1.672 billion in box office receipts.

When you consider that the picture had a budget of $150 million, it was a major success on both the commercial and critical fronts. It was an action-packed film that delivered exactly what the fans had hoped for.


Although there were other surprising events in 2015, this one was the one that everyone was talking about. Madonna strode onto the stage, her cloak slung over her shoulders. During the performance, it was expected that a performer would pull it from the neck. Instead, it failed to release, and Madonna was forced to take a few steps backward. The vocalist maintained her concentration and continued to perform despite being cheered by the audience. However, she subsequently stated that it was not a serious incident because she was accustomed to falling.

Jon Snow’s Death

The game of Thrown is well-known for the deaths of major characters. However, the series went one step further when it determined that Jon Snow may be killed. The final minutes of season 5 caused a flurry of excitement among the audience. A mutinous member of the Night’s Watch is suspected of assassinating Jon Snow, as revealed in the series. As soon as the show concluded, fans all around the globe began to circulate hypotheses stating that Jon Snow could not have been slain, but rather that they simply did not want to accept it.


The Syrian refugee crisis was without a doubt the most significant event that occurred in 2015. As reported by the United Nations, Syria’s participation in the conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than 220,000 people. A further consequence of President Bashar Assad and his opponents engaging in a violent conflict has been the displacement of more than one million people. By December 2015, there were around 4.39 million Syrian registered refugees living in the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa, according to UNHCR figures.

FIFA Scandal

FIFA’s governing body endured a difficult year in 2015. The United States Department of Justice determined that nine FIFA officials, as well as five business leaders, were corrupt. After hearing the news, the entire globe was stunned to its very core, which occurred in May 2015. There was, however, more to come. Racketeering, money laundering, and wire fraud, among other charges, were leveled against the defendants in the case. In addition to that, the Department of Justice indicted 16 officials from the FIFA.

Volkswagen emissions cheating

As a result of the discovery that Volkswagen had cheated in its emissions test, the auto industry was taken completely by surprise. The firm is well-known for producing some of the world’s most impressive automobiles. Because of the high level of customer confidence in the brand, it was practically impossible for individuals to think that the corporation would engage in such behavior. Later, in November 2015, the German carmaker revealed that there may have been some ‘irregularities’ in around 800,000 automobiles in its possession.

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Rafael Nadal was attempting to win his sixth French Open championship in a row when he was denied entry into the semifinals by Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals. Rafael Nadal had amassed a winning run of 39 matches at this point, which was also snapped at this point. It was the first time since 2004 that neither Nadal nor Federer had won the title as a consequence of this decision. Stan Wawrinka overcame Novak Djokovic in the finals to win his second Grand Slam title and return to Switzerland.

Serena Williams, the tennis queen, had won every tournament she had competed in, with the exception of the US Open.

In the semi-finals, she was defeated by Roberta Vinci, who had previously defeated her three times in a row. Consequently, Serena was denied the opportunity to become the first fourth woman in history to finish a calendar year with three grand slam victories.


There were various surprises in store for IT enthusiasts in the realm of technology. The Apple Watches were the first to be launched by the company. The device drew a lot of attention when it was first introduced, and since then, it has produced substantial sales. In response to the debut of Apple Timepieces, several manufacturers released their own wearable watches in response to the success of the first. Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Apple are now engaged in a head-to-head competition in this field.

Tesla introduces Autopilot

When Tesla introduced their semi-autonomous Autopilot technology, the automotive industry was awestruck by what they had accomplished. The technology let the automobile to change lanes, lower speed automatically, and parallel park without the driver having to do anything. Despite the fact that Tesla was not the first carmaker to launch the system, it was the first to do it in a manner that was both efficient and aggressive. Because it makes lengthy travels more pleasant, the technology has proven to be a big success with both critics and Tesla owners.


After ten years together, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have chosen to call it quits on their relationship. They are the parents of three children, and there have been several reports about them divorcing since their marriage began. However, they remained together until it was discovered that Ben Affleck had an affair with their nanny, and that they were obtaining a divorce as a result.

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj Clash

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj had a public spat over the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015. Taylor Swift was once again in the spotlight, but this time it wasn’t because of her relationship with Kanye West. Nicki Minaj had expressed her disappointment at not being nominated for the Video of the Year award, which she had previously said. She went on to say that it was because she did not have’slim bodies’ in her music videos that she was being singled out. Taylor assumed that Nicki was making a joke and retaliated by claiming that Nicki was ‘pitting women against one other.’ Although the Twitter spat was short-lived, Katy Perry did get a little amount of backlash.

Final Word

A quarrel about the MTV Video Music Awards erupted between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj in 2015. Unlike the previous time, Taylor Swift was not linked to Kanye West this time. When Nicki Minaj was not nominated for the Video of the Year award, she expressed her disappointment publicly. In her subsequent statement, she said that this was due to the fact that her music videos did not feature “thin bodies.” Taylor assumed that Nicki was making a joke and retaliated by claiming that Nicki was ‘pitting women against each other.” However, Katy Perry did receive a minor amount of backlash on Twitter.

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Year in Review: Biggest Pop Culture Moments of 2015

With the year 2015 drawing to a close, it’s time to take a look back at some of the most memorable events in pop culture. This year has seen the comeback of Adele, one of the most successful movie debuts in history, a shift in Canadian politics, and further proof of the influence of fame in American politics, among other things. So, without further ado, here are the most significant moments in pop culture that have had an influence on our lives. The Disaster of the Viral Dress: Was the dress blue and black, or white and gold, as the case may be?

TheDress caused a rift in the world since no one could agree on what they were seeing.

The shark on the right was in complete control, however the shark on the left was unable to maintain control, leading in people all around the globe expressing their sympathy for the unfortunate shark with the hashtagLeftShark.

A top secret cover photo shot by Annie Liebovitz for the June edition of Vanity Fair showcased Caitlyn Jenner’s journey into womanhood.

The revelation of the new Caitlyn Jenner marked a watershed moment in the transgender community, and Caitlyn was chosen Glamour’s Woman of the Year in recognition of her achievements.

Because of Adele’s victorious return, she embarked on a global tour, which left many fans disappointed because all of the dates sold out in seconds.

Do you think Donald Trump isn’t obnoxious enough?

Star Wars Fanaticism: Although Star Wars: The Force Awakens did not open theaters until December 18th, the film had already established itself as the most successful film of the year, having sold well over $100 million in advance tickets.

Bobbi Kristina Houston’s corpse was discovered unresponsive just days before the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death.

Making His Own Movies: Shia LaBeouf made his own movies in a New York theater and live-streamed the entire experience so that the entire world could see his amusing reactions to each one.

Pizza Rat: A viral video showing a furry rodent carrying a giant piece of pizza through the New York subway system went viral, resulting in the creation of the hashtag #PizzaRat, with people all across the world expressing their admiration for the rodent and gluten pair.

Changes to the Late-Night Talk Show Format: David Letterman on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jon Stewart on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart were among the stars that left us in 2015.

Netflix and Chill: Although 2015 was the year of celebrity breakups, it was also the year of hookups, maybe as a result of the trend known as “Netflix and Chill,” which is code for “let’s watch Netflix and chill” (aka hook up).

These programs have transformed the way we listen to music on the internet.

Her sisters may be renowned for their voluptuous endowments, but Kylie made headlines when she admitted to getting lip fillers.

What was the end result?

During her acceptance speech for her Oscar for best supporting actress in Boyhood, Patricia Arquette used the opportunity to call for equal pay for men and women in the workplace.

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez were among those who applauded Arquette.

In addition, women have equal rights in the United States of America.” Canada’s voters spoke at the ballot box in 2015, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were elected to a majority government, ousting former Prime Minister Stephen Harper from power.

He has even landed an editorial photo shoot with the fashion magazine Vogue.

Ex-husband Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband and former NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel and was forced to fight for his life after being taken to the hospital.

Martin Shkreli: Martin Shkreli was constantly in the news for a variety of reasons, including his purchase of an exclusive Wu-Tang Clan album, his drastic increase in the price of an AIDS drug, and, most recently, his arrest for fraud.

Doughnutgate: Pop singer Ariana Grande found herself in a bit of hot water after video footage from a doughnut shop allegedly showed her licking doughnuts she wasn’t intending to purchase was released.

Charlie Sheen is a well-known actor.

When asked about his HIV status in an interview with Matt Lauer, Mr.

When Steve Harvey makes a mistake, it’s called “Miss Universe Mistake.” Miss Colombia was incorrectly named Miss Universe in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, which was hosted by Steve Harvey, who also made a major mistake by incorrectly naming Miss Philippines as Miss Universe.

The entire scene was incredibly awkward, and it felt just as awkward as when Derek Zoolander accepted the Male Model of the Year award when it was supposed to go to Hansel in the movie Zoolander 2.

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