What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To?

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To
They are often drawn to strong, independent women – Alpha males are the most confident, powerful, and successful men in society. They are often leaders, although not always. Alpha males also do not always pair up with a female alpha mate. These guys typically prefer who they want and go after them.

They know what they want and how to get it, so there is little doubt about what type of woman an alpha male is attracted to. Confident, independent women Alpha males are often drawn to strong, independent women who can be their equals in both workplace and home life. These men often lead at work and prefer capable women who can do the same alongside them at home.

This type of woman is likely to be an equal partner to an alpha male because she is smart enough to understand her partner’s needs as much as she needs him. They may even be more attracted to this type of woman because they know she will remain with them if they have difficulty making money or holding down a job.

What type of woman does an alpha male want?

15. A dependent woman – How to date an alpha male? Try to be dependent. While an alpha male loves a self-confident woman, he also appreciates a partner who knows how to ask for help. It gives them a sense of purpose and the need to be helpful. One of the skills of an alpha male is to be a protector or provider. Therefore, while you try to be independent, know when to ask your partner for help.

What makes alpha males fall in love?

What makes alpha males fall in love? – One thing that makes alpha males fall in love is their sense of purpose. If you live a life headed in a good direction, you will attract alpha males. In addition, if you know how to keep your physical appearance up by looking good, more alpha males will come your way. Want to know if he will make a good boyfriend? Watch this video to know more. ” alt=””>

What do alpha males like in bed?

What is an alpha male like in bed? An alpha male is adventurous in bed — he’s not content with vanilla missionary sex. Also, he will talk dirty, explore your body, and whispers dirty things in his woman’s ear. And he also takes great pleasure in arousing his partner to wild heights.

Do alpha males like alpha females?

If a guy is a true alpha male, then no woman will ever make him feel intimidated no matter how alpha she is. For example: It won’t matter if the woman is as tough as Ronda Rousey from the UFC; a true alpha male would still see her as a girl compared to him.

  • Yet, that doesn’t mean that his first choice of woman will be a tough, alpha female.
  • In most cases, masculine alpha males will be more attracted to very feminine alpha females or fairly confident, but feminine females.
  • Why is that? Alpha males are masculine in their thinking, behavior and vibe and as such, they tend to be more naturally attracted to who display their polar opposite.

As long as the alpha female still retains her feminine sexiness, behavior and vibe, she will be attractive to the alpha male. However, if she thinks, behaves and essentially feels more like a man than a woman, then a masculine man won’t find her sexually attractive. Are you more attracted to the butch lesbians who behave like men or the feminine women? Human sexual attraction is always based on one of the people being masculine and the other being feminine. The more masculine you are in your thinking, behavior, vibe and actions, the more naturally attractive you will be to women.

  1. If both people are equally masculine or feminine, it will be impossible to maintain their sexual attraction for each other.
  2. They might like each other as friends or respect each other as people, but the sexual charge that comes from the disctict polarity between masculine and feminine will be missing.

As a man, you have the ability to make women feel intense attraction for you, but you have to be willing to express your masculine side. The more you hide it, the less attractive you will be to women.

How do alpha males approach girls?

Show confidence. – Look her straight in the eyes, smile, and be cool. Ask her casually to grab a drink or lunch – don’t use the word “date” and don’t ask “would you like to go out with me.” Tell her that you are heading to your favorite restaurant, and ask her to come along. Stay smooth.

How an alpha male treats a woman?

5. He is never cold – If you want to learn how to be an alpha male with a woman, it’s essential not to be aloof. A potential partner needs to recognize that you like them the way they like you. An alpha male has no qualms with showing a woman he needs her.

How to win an alpha males heart?

What Makes an Alpha Male Fall in Love? 11 Ways to Attract and Win Over an Alpha Male

  1. Repeat what he’s said and he’ll know you’re focused on him. You’ll dazzle him if you notice every small detail and react to all his comments. Give him strong eye contact, lean forward, and smile. After you’ve heard him out, give him your own feedback or ask questions. Compliment him if he mentions his accomplishments or what he’s proud of. If you’re fascinated with him, he’ll seriously fall for you. For example, you could tell him:
    • “Those marathons sound intense. You’re so strong and disciplined!”
    • “That’s so cool that you’ve backpacked across Europe three times! What was your favorite spot?”
    • “You got a promotion in just six months? Your work ethic is intense!”
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  1. Express yourself with a creative style and you’ll inspire him. You can follow your favorite trends, or you can put together a whole new look. Bring attention to all the physical features you’re proud of. He’ll be drawn to your elegance and inner confidence. As long as you hold your head high and walk with a little strut, he’ll notice how you rock any piece or accessory.
    • If you want to show off more of your body, you can wear form-fitting clothes.
    • You can also style an outfit around a personal trait, like your artistic or sporty side.
    • Feel free to experiment with new looks. He’ll like that you’re willing to take risks.
  1. Share what makes you lose track of time and he’ll spend all day with you. Tell him about all the hobbies or projects that you love. Describe how they give you a lot of happiness and a sense of balance. He’ll want to go on one date after the other and listen to you gush about your skills and talents. Talk about the activities that mean a lot to you and he’ll know that you understand yourself really well. For example, you can say:
    • “If I couldn’t dance, I’d lose my mind! I go to salsa competitions every month.”
    • “I’ve been into painting since I was a kid. I actually had my first gallery opening last week!”
    • “I’ve recently gotten into making jewelry. I’ve sold some of my pieces in a few boutiques.”
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  1. Focus on the days he makes available for you and he’ll prioritize you. Since an alpha man is really driven and has a packed schedule, you’ll win him over if you savor every minute you spend with him. Say that you know he has a lot on his agenda. Then, tell him that you appreciate that he found a special moment just for you. He’ll find more opportunities to share his life with you.
    • Let him vent about all his responsibilities if he needs to. Then, give him loads of affection. He’ll come to you when he needs an escape.
    • Keep your discussion light and positive to make the most of your time together.
    • If you bring up that it’s been a long time, stay upbeat. For example, you can say: “I’ve missed you! I’m glad to finally see you again.”
  1. Send him a message once in a while to keep him curious. You can even let a couple days go by and not say anything at all. When you do reach out again, tell him what you’ve been up to. He’ll realize he’s been craving your company. You can say something like:
    • “Work was just non-stop this week! Totally worth it, though. I crushed my presentation!”
    • “That retreat was just what I needed. I feel so relaxed and learned so much about myself.”
    • “I just took more finals than I’ve ever had in my life! Aced them all, though!”
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  1. Talk about how you’ll be successful and he’ll want to keep you close. Since he likes to focus on self-improvement, he wants a partner with a similar lifestyle. Share the standards you set for yourself, and let him know that you’re always on the lookout for new challenges. Reassure him that when he invests in you, he lifts himself up. For example, you can give him some great tips:
    • “Oh, I’ve got to share this podcast with you. The host is like a mentor to me. Check out the episode on determination!”
    • “I swear by eight hours of sleep and eating enough protein. It gives me enough energy to conquer my day!”
    • “I spend at least one hour a day on my artistic projects. What’s your routine?”
  1. Open up about your expectations for love and he’ll respect your honesty. It’s okay to be completely vulnerable. Even though an alpha male is bold and fearless, he knows that you show true strength when you tell him what makes you feel safe and respected. You can also talk about what excites or satisfies you. He’ll listen closely and want to prove that you can trust him.
    • “I am looking for a man I can be myself with. Authenticity matters a lot to me.”
    • “I think loyalty is so important. I want someone who has my back.”
    • “I believe fun really matters in a relationship! I want to look forward to adventures.”
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  1. Stay true to yourself even when you become exclusive. If he settles down with you, he still wants you to chase your dreams. Show him that you can take care of yourself every day and that having him in your life is a bonus instead of a necessity. Attend events by yourself, hang out with your friends, and enjoy your alone time. He’ll be smitten with your sense of freedom and want to watch you grow.
    • “There’s a book signing tonight that I’m dying to go to! I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    • “I’m going camping with my friends!”
    • “I’m taking this weekend off to garden and meditate.”
  1. Spice up your love life and he’ll know you always have fun surprises. An alpha male is practically addicted to passion and the thrill of the chase. Show him you’re a really creative partner and try out new tricks. Experiment with fantasies or different ways to seduce him. When you tell him he’s always worth the extra effort, he’ll pull out all the stops for you.
    • Tell him if you want more frequency in your love life. For example, you can say, “I am still so into you and need more of you.”
    • Try out a night where you dress up like you did for your first date and play hard to get. He’ll love that the experience feels new and fresh again.
    • Ask him what he’s always been curious about: “What have you always wanted to do with me?”
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  1. Share your problems with him and let him offer solutions. You’ll motivate him if you’re open about your challenges. Bring up a situation that needs teamwork. For example, you might want to host a big dinner party, so he’ll be excited to set the table. Once you’ve split tasks with him, he’ll also give advice on subjects he has a lot of knowledge about. If you listen to his pointers and appreciate all his support, he’ll want to keep enhancing your life.
    • “Do you think you can help me set the table? This dinner party is super important to me! I think it’s a chance to network with a lot of people.”
    • “You made a good point there! I think I will charge a little more for my products. I definitely want to make more of a profit.”
    • He also loves to help out in small ways that go unnoticed. For instance, he might order your favorite food on the weekends just because that makes you smile after working hard.
  1. Continue to talk about your future together and he’ll fall deeply in love. Have regular chats about how to improve your lives and look for the ways that your values match up. For example, you may want to eat healthy and he may prioritize fitness, so you both can meal prep together. Talk about specific steps to move closer to your bigger goals. After you’ve achieved one dream, come up with another. He’ll notice the ambition you both share and know you’re a power couple that will stand the test of time.
    • “I definitely want to eat more protein, and you want to make some gains, so let’s meal prep this Sunday! I’m so glad we’re both supporting each other’s health.”
    • “I want to pass all my finals and you want to get that big promotion, so we should both make sure we get enough sleep. We need to be on our A-game!”
    • “We both reached all of our goals! Okay, what’s next?”
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“This article became my moral and spiritual dogma – I have successfully tried this out multiple times with many ambitious and attractive alpha males.”,”

: What Makes an Alpha Male Fall in Love? 11 Ways to Attract and Win Over an Alpha Male

Do alpha males text first?

2. Let them take the initiative. – Taking the initiative will make you appear desperate. An alpha male likes to make the first move, every time. Let him text first, talk first, invite first, kiss first and so on. Precisely, keep him in the first place and you’ll slowly watch him make you a priority.

Do alpha males hug?

3. He isn’t ashamed to hug you – One way he would try to get around using the “L” word is by using his arms more often. Most times, he’d do this without even realizing that he is doing it, and to him, it is a protective gesture- as alpha males take joy in protecting their partners. Related Reading: 9 Different Types of Hugs and What They Mean

How do you know an alpha male likes you?

How Do Alpha Males Show Love? – While every guy shows love differently– regardless of personality type– alpha males possess a few universal qualities. They tend to have difficulty expressing their emotions and show their love differently than other guys. Some common ways alpha males show love include:

Marking his territory. He might put his arms around you, often without even realizing it. Chivalry. He’ll hold the door open for you, pull out your chair, and carry your luggage. Acts of passion. He might sweep you off your feet and carry you to the bedroom. Defending your honor, He’ll stand up for you when he thinks it’s right.

What is the body language of an alpha male?

What Is Alpha Body Language? 11 Poses & Tips

  • Lift yourself up by raising your chin, rolling your shoulders back and down, and straightening your back to appear more imposing and confident.
  • Maintain steady eye contact with those around you when you walk into a room or participate in conversation.
  • Spread your legs and arms out to take up more space and make your presence known.
  • Use large and fluid hand gestures when talking to show that you have command of the space around you.
  1. Elongate your neck and keep your chin parallel to the floor. This is one of the more obvious signs of an alpha male. Keeping your head up makes you appear confident and powerful, while bowing your head might make you appear less confident in yourself.
    • When flirting with someone, tilt your head just slightly to the side while they’re talking to show that you’re listening and are interested in them.
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  1. Pull your shoulders back and, Being an alpha male is all about standing tall and appearing somewhat imposing. Even if you’re not necessarily that tall height-wise, a straight back and lowered shoulders will give you a very dignified and confident look. Imagine yourself being pulled up by an invisible string, and don’t slouch forward or curl your body inwards as you walk or stand.
    • Hunching your shoulders forward and curving your spine might make you look a bit more reserved and shy.
    • Pull your shoulders back but not so far that your shoulder blades touch. Position them as though your back was being pressed flat against a wall.
    • Don’t tense your muscles and limbs to the point where you look super stiff and uncomfortable.
  1. Spread your feet to be in line with your hips. Standing with your feet slightly apart makes you, Just make sure that your stance isn’t so wide that it looks like you’re trying to do the middle splits. Instead, spread your feet apart just wide enough so that they’re in line with your hips.
    • Avoid fidgeting your feet, such as shifting from foot to foot or tapping your foot on the ground. This could make you appear super nervous.
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  1. Keep your hands visible and use big, fluid hand gestures. Shoving your hands in your pockets might make the other person think you’re uncomfortable, so keep your hands out in the open where they can be seen. makes you appear as though you have command of the space around you. Gestures such as pointing, demonstrating an action with your hands, or simply talking with your hands shows the other person that you’re in control.
    • Avoid crossing your arms since it might make you look a bit defensive.
    • Keep your gestures smooth instead of sharp and robotic. Your hands and arms should move fluidly from one spot to another without pause.
    • Use hand gestures to appear more enthusiastic. The more animated you are with someone you’re trying to flirt with, the more comfortable they’ll feel around you.
  1. Sit back into the chair and relax your body. Alpha males exude an air of calm. If you’re sitting in a chair, leaning back and opening up your body to the others in the room signals that you’re feeling relaxed and completely at ease. Rest your arm on another surface to appear more open. If there’s another chair next to you or some sort of ledge, casually throw one of your arms over to rest on top of it.
    • Don’t cross your arms over your chest or stomach, since it could make you look like you’re trying to shield yourself from something.
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  1. Make a conscious effort to look into other people’s eyes. Holding someone’s gaze is one of the biggest signs of a dominant and confident person. When standing and facing someone, raise your chin so that it’s parallel to the ground and lock eyes with whoever is around you or the person you’re talking to. This is also a way to let someone know you’re interested in them, and is one of the more obvious signs of flirting.
    • Someone whose eyes are constantly shifting back and forth can be seen as nervous and uncomfortable.
    • Practice maintaining eye contact by locking eyes with your own reflection in a mirror for a few seconds at a time.
    • Angle your body so that you’re always squarely facing the other person head-on. When flirting, it shows that you only have eyes for them.
  1. Spread your legs out when sitting to take up space. A confident person has a large presence, and they aren’t afraid to take up space to show others that they’re in control. Spread your legs outwards while keeping your knees bent to make use of the space on the sides of your body when you’re sitting in a chair. You can either lean back in your chair, or lean forward and rest your arms on your knees to maintain a relaxed aura.
    • Don’t cross your legs. Sitting with your two feet placed firmly on the ground gives you a more confident appearance.
    • Use large, sweeping hand gestures to take up more of the space around you when both standing and sitting.
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  1. Walk with large, controlled strides. Alpha males are in control of their every move. Walking slowly with large and controlled steps is one way to show everyone that you’re not feeling rushed and are going to do things on your own time, not theirs. On the other hand, dashing from place to place with hurried steps can make you look a bit frazzled.
    • When speaking, speak with a slow and low voice. Someone who is nervous tends to ramble quickly and stumble over their words.
    • If you want to show that you’re a confident alpha, slow down your pace a bit to make yourself appear confident in what you’re saying.
  1. Move from place to place with a specific goal in mind. Whether that’s to go give someone a handshake or to get to a certain destination, confident people walk as though they’re on a mission. Look straight forward towards wherever you’re going and walk in as straight of a path as possible. Convincing others that you’re the alpha while looking lost and wandering aimlessly around the space might be a bit difficult.
    • Carrying yourself in a strong and dignified manner is also a way to catch the attention of the person you’re interested in.
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  1. Offer the other person a friendly smile as you talk to them. by relaxing your jaw, and soften your eyes instead of squinting them. Show the other person that you’re feeling relaxed and completely in your element as you talk to them.
    • Tensing your jaw, biting your lip, and avoiding eye contact can all be signs that you’re nervous.
    • On the other hand, furrowing your eyebrows and pursing your lips can make you appear a bit aggressive or displeased.
  1. Initiate physical contact if the situation allows for it. An alpha male will oftentimes place their hand on the other person’s arm, shoulder, or hand as they’re talking. This shows that they’re confident in their relationship with the other person and is a slight show of dominance. Giving a friendly pat on the back or initiating a handshake are some small gestures that will make you appear more confident to the other person.
    • Be very cautious when initiating any sort of physical touch. Unless you are very comfortable with the other person and know them well, touching someone can make them uncomfortable or be seen as offensive.
    • This is something to be extra cautious about in the workplace since it can be considered unprofessional and may even be deemed as sexual harassment.
    • Stepping into someone’s personal space is also how you can test the waters and see how far you can take things with someone you’re interested in.
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What is an alpha male weakness?

5. Perfectionism hurts both him and others – Alpha men are perfectionists, so they push themselves to be the best in everything. If they can’t, they force themselves to work harder even if their body doesn’t agree. They treat others the same way and force them to agree with their demands. This can lead to a toxic environment for both alpha males and the people around them.

Do alpha males make good boyfriends?

The bottom line – A relationship with an alpha male can be quite rewarding. These men are dominant, confident, and loyal to their partners. However, they may come across as arrogant or insensitive. Knowing how to deal with an alpha male in a relationship is important for keeping the peace.

  1. By not taking his behavior personally and committing to support him in his goals, you can keep the attention of your alpha male.
  2. It is also helpful to pursue your interests, get comfortable with standing up for yourself, and challenge yourself to set and achieve new goals.
  3. Ultimately, the alpha male in your life will appreciate you for being driven, witty, and engaging.

You will reap the rewards of being in a relationship with such a loyal, intense partner.

What are alpha females like in bed?

4 Benefits of Dating An Alpha Woman Today’s generation of are much different from our grandparents’ generation. Most Black families have a woman as the breadwinner of the household. Black women also excel in education and entrepreneurship in comparison to other groups.

While this is amazing for the progress of Black women, the alpha woman inside her makes finding love challenging. Like most women, the alpha woman desires a strong, masculine, alpha male. However, alpha males are usually attracted to the opposite of themselves. They want a woman who embodies feminine energy.

Black men compete with the challenges of the world the minute they step out of their home. When he comes home, the last thing he wants to do is compete with his woman as head of the household. Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking. “Jasmine, no one cares about gender roles anymore.” Well, that’s just not true.

While, I’ll admit the dynamics of marriage are changing, but much remains the same. Many of the men I talk to still desire to be the protectors and providers of their families. who are use to being the bosses in their own worlds, sometimes find it challenging to be vulnerable in their relationships and allow men to play the roles of protector and provider.

Yet, there are times dating an alpha woman has its benefits. Ladies, here are four moments, and benefits to putting on your alpha woman cape while still turning your alpha male partner on.1) In The Bedroom An alpha woman has no problem making the first move.

She’s used to going after what she wants. Since men are usually the first to initiate sex, dating an alpha woman who is comfortable and confident with her sexuality is a change he’ll appreciate. Men love it when a woman takes the time to initiate. Alpha women are the best at doing just that.2) When Making Plans Men tend to pay less attention to detail.

Therefore, women usually plan the birthday parties, special dinners and vacations. When an alpha woman is responsible for the planning, she does it better than anyone. She’ll negotiate the best deals, has the network to get access to exclusive venues and she won’t wait for “bae” to contact the airline when the flight has been cancelled.

  1. She’s already on top of it, and is demanding a refund and complimentary flights.3) In Business Alpha women are high achievers and risk takers and chase success just as hard as men do.
  2. So, when her alpha male partner decides to go after his dreams, she’s all for it.
  3. Instead of talking him out of taking risks, she’ll help with the game plan.

Plus, she’ll Robin his Batman in the business meetings. In the words of Beyonce “When you’re in them big meetings for the mills/It take me just to compliment the deals.” In business, the alpha woman will certainly upgrade you.4) When Raising Children We all see the videos of kids dang near raising their parents on Facebook.

  1. When mom tells the kid to stop, he hits or screams at her.
  2. You know who this would never happen with? Alpha women.
  3. Not only will an alpha woman raise her children to be respectful, but will have high expectations for their education and accomplishments.
  4. This is because she holds herself to high levels of accountability, and she’ll naturally do the same with her children.

Overall, the key to dating as an alpha woman is balance. There are times when the woman should take the lead and times when the man should. Alpha women are most successful in their love lives when they know when to lead and when to be led. Jasmine Turner is a professional matchmaker, dating coach, and founder of,

Are alpha males needy?

Alpha males take care of themselves first – There are a few main reasons why alpha males don’t behave like either of those examples, and the first is that they take care of themselves before anyone else. What do I mean by that? Before an alpha male gets into a relationship, but also during the relationship, he takes care of his own emotional needs.

This means he builds a life that he finds fulfilling. He has an abundant social life, enjoys his career, has a place that he likes, and takes actions that validate his own self-esteem for himself. An alpha male isn’t looking for validation from others. An alpha male lives for himself so that when he ends up in a relationship, he doesn’t fall into strong feelings of neediness and dependency,

He’s already happy. He also has options. Now, this doesn’t mean he’s fooling around with other women. It just means he’s aware of his own worth, has a social life that involves women, and he knows if he wanted to meet one, he could. Unlike Guy 1, he doesn’t feel the need to constantly assert his life against his girlfriend by whom he feels emotionally threatened.

How do alpha men flirt?

Download Article Highlight your confidence and charm with our helpful tips Download Article Being an “alpha male,” means being a dominant, self-confident, and strong man. It means knowing, and getting, what you want. Alpha men seem to always get what they want, and that is why they’re often admired and emulated. If you respect the alpha male mentality and want to bring it to your personal life, there are a few things you need to do — and avoid — to flirt with a girl “the alpha way.”

  • If you’ve got your eye on a special someone, don’t be shy and walk straight over to them with good posture and confidence.
  • Make eye contact when you talk to her to show her that you’re interested. Be careful not to stare, but hold their gaze a little longer than usual.
  • Ask her thoughtful questions to get to know her better, like, “I’m super into comedies. What’s your favorite movie genre?”
  1. 1 Walk like an alpha male. When you approach the girl you have your eye on, don’t wander around, casually bump into her friend group, and then awkwardly initiate an interaction. An alpha male sees the girl he wants to flirt with and approaches her directly, with confidence and purpose.
    • As lame as it sounds, don’t be afraid to practice your walk in your home. Try to find a place with mirrors so you can observe yourself. Sometimes, people have nervous twitches that they don’t even notice, so don’t be embarrassed to practice a little bit.
  2. 2 Make eye contact. When you’re talking to a girl that you’re interested in, especially an extremely attractive girl, it can be intimidating to look straight into her eyes. But when you divert your gaze, you send the message that you believe she is out of your league.
    • This doesn’t mean you should stare at her — that can be a little creepy. It’s okay to break eye contact occasionally.


  3. 3 Introduce yourself in a confident, steady voice. If she’s in the middle of a conversation, wait until there is a slight pause before saying something like, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I had to come say hello.” If she’s a bit taken aback, that’s a good thing.
    • Avoid pick-up lines. Women are attracted to genuineness, so don’t act like you’re using a flirting manual to talk to her. Tell her confidently why you approached her. You can say anything from, “I saw you from across the room and I had to come say hi to someone so gorgeous,” to, “I really wanted to introduce myself to someone with such a beautiful smile.”
    • If you don’t want to use a compliment right off the bat for fear of sounding cheesy, make sure you plan another logical opener. If you have mutual friends, you can say, “You’re friends with _, right? I recognized you and had to come say hello.” You can even make an observation to start off a conversation, like, “I noticed you’re eating _, isn’t it excellent?” By planning something to say, you’ll avoid an awkward silence.
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  1. 1 Ask her questions. This will allow you to control the conversation. Controlling a conversation doesn’t mean you should talk over her, interrupt her, or act like a know-it-all. It means that you are steering the conversation. Ask her questions about herself, both to show her that you’re interested in learning about her and also to control the conversation topics.
    • If you’re at a party, you can ask her how she knows the host. If you’re out somewhere ask her simple introductory questions: her name, what she does, where she’s from, and the like. Once you find out a little bit about her, you can ask more personalized, in-depth questions.
  2. 2 Limit your words. Talk about yourself only when it’s appropriate, but don’t launch into long stories or monologues about your life. Let her share more about herself than you do about yourself, only talking about yourself if she asks, or if you want to highlight something you have in common. The more she is able to talk about herself, and the more rapt attention you show her, the better.
  3. 3 Keep things light and positive. Alpha males don’t complain, and they certainly don’t feel sorry for themselves. They create their own realities, so avoid being a “Debbie Downer” while you’re speaking to the girl you’re interested in. If you have a sense of humor, use it! Making a girl laugh is an extremely effective flirting technique.
    • If she says something negative, support her opinion but offer a positive spin on things. If she says something about the weather being awful, you can say something along the lines of, “It’s not great, but at least we can suffer through it together.”
  4. 4 Offer genuine compliments. Don’t bombard her with flattery just to make her like you. Comment on the attractive qualities you see in her. Because alpha males are secure in themselves, they don’t say things that they don’t sincerely mean. Not only will this show her that you are a genuine person, it will make her appreciate your thoughtful compliments even more.
    • If she talks about her job, you can say something like, “It sounds like you’re extremely intelligent to manage all of that.” If you tell a joke to make her laugh, you can offer her something like, “You have a unique laugh. I like it.” You won’t look like an alpha male just by telling her she’s hot.
  5. 5 Create banter. Don’t be afraid to tease her a little bit. Alpha males ooze confidence, and they don’t shy away from being genuine. Obviously don’t say anything that could actually offend her, but make her laugh by calling her out on silly things.
    • A fun way to start a lighthearted back-and-forth with a woman you’ve just met is to act like you’ve known her forever. Once she starts talking a bit about herself, you can say something like, “Oh, you’ve always been so funny/stubborn/clumsy/observant/nerdy.” You can create attraction by making her laugh and feel comfortable.
  6. 6 Let the conversation flow naturally. Don’t approach a girl with the singular goal of securing a date with her. Instead, make it your goal to have a great, flirty conversation. Women can typically tell if you’re “picking them up” rather than flirting, and flirting is much more light-hearted, fun, and noncommittal. Let the conversation be organic and natural, and only ask her out when it feels like it’s going well.
  7. 7 End the conversation. Once you’ve chatted for a bit, end the conversation appropriately. If it’s gone well, ask her out on a date or simply get her number. If you know you’ll see her again, tell her that you enjoyed meeting and talking to her. By ending the conversation on your terms, you’ve once again asserted your alpha-ness.
    • If things don’t go smoothly and she doesn’t seem interested, do not worry or stress over it. Even alpha males get rejected sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. The key to being an alpha is not needing anyone else to validate you, so carry on. Rejection is nothing to fear.
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  1. 1 Look great. This doesn’t mean you need to suddenly get a six-pack, cut your beloved beard, or drop thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe. Decide what “great” means to you, and be that. If it means exercising regularly and getting more fit, do it. If it just means brushing your hair, do that! Being an alpha, and flirting like an alpha, is all about feeling your best.
    • There are alpha males who look like Zac Efron, with huge muscles and perfect clothes. There are also alpha males like Bill Clinton, who find power in confidence and intellect. Being an alpha male is more about mindset than it is about outward appearance.
  2. 2 Maintain good hygiene. While things like hairstyle and wardrobe are personal and up to you, good hygiene is non-negotiable. If you want to have your best shot with girls, you can’t be dirty or unpleasant to be around. Shower regularly, keep your breath smelling fresh, and keep your skin and hair clean. It might be possible to flirt successfully while maintaining a sloppy hygiene routine, but cleanliness will certainly increase your chances.
  3. 3 Know the difference between alpha and cocky. Sometimes people confuse a confident, “alpha” attitude with being cocky. An alpha is self-assured, doesn’t need to dominate a conversation or always be the center of attention, and are flexible — they recognize that they’re human, just like everyone else; they make mistakes and they own up to them.
    • A truly confident person can accept criticism, can allow someone else to step into the spotlight, and admit it when he’s wrong (without over-apologizing).
  4. 4 Carry yourself confidently. Stand up straight, and don’t be afraid to take up space. You will not see alpha males hunched over and nervously fidgeting with their clothes or hands. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are the coolest man in the room.
    • Looking like an alpha male is like exercising a new muscle. Every time you do it, it will become easier and easier. Eventually, you’ll start to feel like an alpha male as well.
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Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X Flirting with a girl the alpha way is all about being confident and showing a genuine interest in her.

Make eye contact with her while you talk and smile a lot so it’s clear that you like her. Ask her questions about herself, like what she does for fun and where she’s from. Don’t forget to throw in some genuine compliments to make her feel special. You can also tease her a little, as long as you keep it playful.

Tell a few jokes so the conversation stays lighthearted. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show and have a good time with her. For more tips from our co-author, including how to look your best when flirting with a girl, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 236,716 times.

How to flirt with an alpha male?

4 Ways to Attract an Alpha Male

  • Present yourself well by dressing your best, wearing some perfume or cologne, and smiling.
  • Alpha males view themselves as heroes and protectors, so mention a problem (like a conflict at work, or trouble with homework) and he may become super interested in you.
  • Be extremely complimentary and express how much you respect him; alpha males love attention and affection, and he’ll love spending time with you if he thinks you admire him.
  • Alpha males can be a bit possessive and arrogant sometimes, so stand up for yourself if he ever crosses a line—he’ll respect you for it!
  1. 1 to show confidence. By practicing the physical act of appearing confident, you will actually start to feel more confident. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold your chin up, relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply. This will naturally make you seem more attractive to anyone who’s around you.
    • The more you practice good posture, the more natural it will feel.
  2. 2 Speak slowly and clearly to show self-assurance. Speaking slowly gives other people the impression that you’re confident and knowledgeable. You will also seem more authoritative if you slightly lower your vocal range as you speak.
    • When you’re telling a story, think about each sentence and how it relates to what you’re saying.
    • Don’t be afraid to leave a pause between sentences while you’re speaking. It seems more confident than using filler words like “um” or “like.”


  3. 3 Use your hands when you talk. People who are more physically engaged while they’re speaking seem more confident than those who do not.
    • Gesture with your hands to emphasize strong points.
    • Think about how to use your body to convey a message. For instance, you could lean forward and rest your hand on your chin when you’re interested in what someone else is saying.
  4. 4 Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. No matter what you look like, you’ll be the most attractive when you’re happy with how you look. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.
    • If you wear makeup, play up the features that you like the most.
  5. 5 Keep your makeup subtle if you wear any. Alpha males are attracted to confidence, and wearing too much makeup can make you seem insecure. Keep your makeup natural-looking on most of your face. If you do go bold, emphasize one feature of your face at a time.
    • For instance, if you wear a bold red lip, opt for a subtle smoky eye and subtle,
    • If you go for a dramatic winged liner and dark eyeshadow, try pairing it with a nude lip and a little blush.
  6. 6 Spray on a little perfume, cologne, or body spray before you leave the house. Smelling good can make you seem more attractive. A little goes a long way, though. Spritz a little of the fragrance on your wrists, then touch your wrists to your neck to transfer the scent.
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  1. 1 Give him time to make the first move. Alpha males are defined primarily by their dominant characteristics. If he’s really an alpha, he’ll want to feel like he’s in control of the chase. If you catch his eye at a party or in a club, smile at him to let him know you’re interested, but let him be the one to come to you.
    • If he asks for your phone number, don’t ask him for his. That way he’ll have to be the one to call or text first.
    • If the two of you are hanging out and having a good time, let him ask you out for a second date.
    • Every situation is different, so if you think he’s interested but he doesn’t ask you out, go ahead and ask him out instead.
  2. 2 Be confident but not cocky. If you want to attract a top-tier mate, you need to know your worth. By valuing yourself, you’ll show him that he should value you too.
    • Show him that you’re confident by accepting compliments without deflecting them and talking about your accomplishments.
    • Just as you know your strengths, you should also be humble about your weaknesses. You don’t have to tell him what they are, but don’t act like you’re too good for him.
  3. 3 Flatter his ego by complimenting him. Make him feel like he’s number one by telling him all the things you like about him. Building up his ego will make him want to have you around.
    • Try saying something like, “I love how you’re always working to better yourself,” or “It’s so much fun to watch you work the room at a party.”
  4. 4 Make him feel needed. Appeal to his inner provider by making him feel like you need him. Ask him to help you with small things that you have a hard time with or don’t enjoy doing, like opening a jar that’s stuck or calling to make reservations at a restaurant.
    • There’s no need to pretend you’re weak to attract your alpha male. You can be strong and confident while still needing him. Think of things that play to his strengths, then ask for his help.
  5. 5 Help him come up with fun date ideas. Alpha males like to make decisions, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always want to be the one with a plan. Let him know a few things you’d like to do, then sit back and enjoy as he makes it happen.
    • For instance, if there’s a movie you really want to see, let him know you’d be interested in going to the movies for a date.
    • Spontaneous dates can keep things fresh. If the weather’s nice, ask him if he’d like to eat lunch in a nearby park.
  6. 6 Try new things together. Most alpha males enjoy regularly trying something they’ve never done before, just to keep life interesting and challenging.
    • Take a day trip to a nearby museum neither of you have ever visited, try out a new restaurant, or hike to a hidden waterfall just outside of town.
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  1. 1 Focus on your own goals. Keep your alpha man interested by having your own interests and goals outside of him. You’ll both have more to talk about at the end of the day if you’re busy pursuing your own career or hobbies.
    • If anyone tries to keep you from pursuing your own interests, remove yourself from the situation and find someone who will appreciate your independence.
  2. 2 Encourage him to be independent. Most alpha males need time every so often to hang out with their friends or to pursue their hobbies. Show him that you appreciate who he is by encouraging him to do these things.
    • If he loves to fish, ask him if he’d like to take the weekend to go on a fishing trip while you visit your family.
    • If you know his friends have a poker night on Thursdays, consider taking a class on Thursday nights. That way, he can still enjoy his time with his friends, and you won’t be sitting at home waiting for him.
  3. 3 Be supportive. An alpha male can run the risk of feeling like he’s alone at the top of the pack. Let him know it’s you and him against the world by offering a supportive shoulder whenever he’s feeling stressed.
    • If you know he’s had a long day, call and order his favorite take-out and make some time for just the two of you.
    • Try saying something like, “I know you had a big meeting today. How did it go?”
  4. 4 Challenge him when he needs it. A lot of alpha males are used to strutting through life without ever being challenged. If you feel like he’s wrong, let him know. He might be surprised at first but he’ll respect you more in the long run.
    • Try not to challenge him in front of other people. No one likes to feel embarrassed, especially alpha males. Wait until the two of you are alone to talk about something you didn’t like.
    • You might say something like, “I know you were annoyed that the food took a long time to come out, but I didn’t like that you were rude to our waiter.”
  5. 5 Ask him for a commitment. When you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, don’t assume that he will automatically know. Specifically tell him that you like him and you’re interested in being exclusive with each other.
    • If he agrees to a committed relationship, set aside some time to celebrate!
    • If he seems reluctant to commit to you, say something like, “I’m sorry you made that decision. I hope you find what you’re looking for,” then move on with your life. You deserve someone who will give you their undivided attention.
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Question What can I do to get an alpha male’s attention? Psychotherapist Kelli Miller is a Psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, California. Kelli specializes in individual and couples therapy focusing on relationships, depression, anxiety, sexuality, communication, parenting, and more. Kelli also facilitates groups for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as well as anger management groups. She is the author of “Professor Kelli’s Guide to Finding a Husband” and the award-winning and best-selling book “Thriving with ADHD”. Kelli co-hosted an advice show on LA Talk Radio and is a relationship expert for The Examiner. She received her MSW (Masters of Social Work) from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Sociology/Health from the University of Florida.

Ask a Question Advertisement This article was co-authored by and by wikiHow staff writer,, Kelli Miller is a Psychotherapist based in Los Angeles, California. Kelli specializes in individual and couples therapy focusing on relationships, depression, anxiety, sexuality, communication, parenting, and more.

Kelli also facilitates groups for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as well as anger management groups. She is the author of “Professor Kelli’s Guide to Finding a Husband” and the award-winning and best-selling book “Thriving with ADHD”. Kelli co-hosted an advice show on LA Talk Radio and is a relationship expert for The Examiner.

What Type of a Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?

She received her MSW (Masters of Social Work) from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Sociology/Health from the University of Florida. This article has been viewed 43,447 times.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 43,447 times. : 4 Ways to Attract an Alpha Male

How do alpha males talk?

Cue #1: Congruent Nodding – Alpha males signal others that they are very confident by aligning their nodding with their words. For example, they’ll say, “Yes,” or “I agree” and nod their head as well. Likewise, if they disagree, you might see them shaking their head, “No.” Alpha males nod not only as they speak but also as they listen.

Podcaster and actor Dax Shepard is incredibly good at using nods—both nodding while speaking and while listening. Nodding is so great because researchers found that when someone nods at us, we may speak 3-4 times longer. Why? Because his nodding allows him to not only voice his opinion but also show empathy,

He’ll nod when he agrees with something and also nod “No” if he empathizes with them (“That’s terrible!”). For Shepard, nodding builds rapport with others and makes them feel accepted. Action Step: Nod with your words while speaking and while listening. What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To ↑ Table of Contents ↑

Do alpha males get jealous?

An Alpha can be jealous, yes. Sigmas are extremely stable, emotionally, but I was jealous, once. Any human can be jealous. But, when it is someone loudly claiming to be an Alpha, then that person is not one.

What is an alpha male weakness?

5. Perfectionism hurts both him and others – Alpha men are perfectionists, so they push themselves to be the best in everything. If they can’t, they force themselves to work harder even if their body doesn’t agree. They treat others the same way and force them to agree with their demands. This can lead to a toxic environment for both alpha males and the people around them.

Do alpha males do what they want?

1. Alpha Males Are Assertive – One key delineation between alpha and beta males is that alphas are assertive, and betas are passive. An alpha male knows what he wants out of himself and life and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He speaks his mind, owns his desires without shame or guilt, sets clear boundaries and speaks up when they are crossed. If, after making this new boundary known, his wife refused to forgo her midday shopping sprees and $25 mimosas, he wouldn’t tiptoe around the problem. Instead, he would confront her head-on and enforce the boundary (likely by lowering the limit on her card or closing her account outright).

Betas, on the other hand, are passive. They may know what they want but lack the backbone to go after it. When confronted with conflict, they bite their tongue and nod, even though every fiber in their being is begging them to speak up. They may set boundaries, but they do so with timidity and trepidation.

And, when a boundary is crossed, they do little more than hint at the problem, refusing to accept conflict and face it head-on. A beta male wouldn’t even make it to the first step in the same situation described above. Instead of confronting his wife about her irresponsible spending habits, he would passively jab at her throughout the day, allowing his resentment and frustration to boil.

Eventually, he would either explode, blindsiding his partner and taking all of his rages out in a single profanity-laden tirade. Or he would endure. Allowing his wife to bleed them to the brink of destitution unwittingly. Alpha males do not actively seek conflict. But when it arises, they assertively deal with it and move on.

They know that passivity solves nothing.

What type of woman is a beta male attracted to?

2. Someone who Has An Opinion – A great match for the Beta Male is someone who doesn’t mind calling the shots but isn’t bossy about it. She has to express her opinion without being disrespectful or rude. She needs to understand that she will be doing most of the planning for, well most everything. Women who like to be in control in most situations are best matches for Beta Males.