Which Of The Groups Below Is Often Referred To As The “mother Culture” Of Mesoamerican Mexico

M12 Unit 5 Chapters 18 & 19 Flashcards

Tikal’s Temple I is represented by which of the following? (Temple of the Giant Jaguar). It has a grave of a monarch beneath it, which has been discovered. Teotihuacán, like many other Mesoamerican towns, had an active mural program. An earth goddess, or goddess of nature, is depicted in one mural, which is regarded to represent the city’s primary deity. Human hearts, which were crucial features in the Mesoamerican rite of human sacrifice, are among the themes linked to this god. A possible explanation for the ritual of human sacrifice is provided by which of the following?

What was the impact of the division of labor on Mesoamerican societies?

In what way does the importance of San Lorenzo and La Venta to Olmec culture come across in the following statements?

Which of the following best defines the kiva in the southwest?

  1. Which of the following was most frequently shown on Teotihuacano murals?
  2. According to Maya tradition, which of the following was one of the goals of ritual?
  3. City planning in the Hellenistic and Roman periods West Mexican ceramics are distinguished by the inclusion of small-scale narrative scenarios, such as temples and residences, in which figures are depicted in a range of vibrant activities.
  4. There is a possibility that they will give informal glances into everyday life.
  5. What was the process through which Chavn imagery disseminated over the Andean region?
  6. Which of the following was the economic pillar of Mesoamerican Mexico at the time of its founding?
  7. Which of the following is the most usually cited justification for such a placement in the first place?

What is the name of this architectural element?

Belize, southern Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala are among the countries involved.

In the Yoruba empire in the Lower Niger River area, the Ife figures were mostly utilized in ceremonies that were centered on which of the following topics?

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Which of the following art genres would be most appropriate for performing that function?

Which of the following may be considered to be represented by the rock art of Tassili?

Which of the following nations does Tassili belong to?

In which of the following categories has the artist, Master of the Symbolic Execution, been acknowledged as a master workshop artist by the curators?

Which of the following objects was unearthed from a tomb in the Igbo-Ukwu region and is considered to be a noteworthy find?

Which of the following artists is credited with creating the Sapi saltcellar, a popular export product?

What is the location of the roots of the Yoruba legends?

When the running female from Tassili wears a “horned hat,” it might indicate one of the following things: There is a substantial amount of literature available today that explains, analyzes, and interprets the significance of rock art and its symbols.

It’s possible that she’s dancing in this posture.

According to which of the following statements is true about the existence of Portuguese heads on the Benin waist pendant of the queen mother?

Identify which of the following facial characteristics the Sapi link with African decoration and which they would utilize as a component in their saltcellars.

The Olmec as a community would gather for ceremonial observances at which of the following locations on a regular basis?

Amulets and talismans made of hammered gold are worn as amulets and talismans.

The culmination of changes that began 2,000 years ago in another part of the world.

The city’s ethnically and racially diverse population The majority of the Adena and Mississippian cultures’ surviving artifacts were discovered in which of the following locations?

The Mesoamerican Mexican Preclassic era is denoted by the letter .

Aside from this revelation, what else has been discovered that is significant?

It has been hypothesized that the huge Olmec skulls are made up of which of the following features?

Shafts with chambers at the bottom are deep.

If the user possesses any of the following characteristics, it would be reasonable to assume that the user holds a position of leadership.

Based on this description, where do you think the most likely site for the installation of this monolith is to be found?

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One of the most significant obstacles to establishing an accurate African chronology is the widespread practice of unlawful “treasure hunting.” According to this activity, which of the following occurs as a result?

Which of the following would be the most probable item to be worn by the leader as a badge of authority in order to draw attention to himself and his actions?

Exactly which culture’s figural art is meticulously sculpted, with particular care paid to lifelike detail?

The tower shape discovered at Great Zimbabwe shows that it was formerly used as a granary.

Because he is the one who distributes grain, the king is suggested. Around 1470, which of the following European peoples first established contact with the kingdom of Benin?

how did the division of labor affect mesoamerican societies?

The Olmecs were keen fishermen, and they fished from neighboring lakes and rivers. Clams, alligators, and a variety of other sorts of fish were also essential components of their nutrition. The Olmecs chose to establish villages near bodies of water because the floodplains were suitable for agriculture and because fish and shellfish could be obtained more easily in such areas. Every culture throughout history has been influenced by geography, just as it is influencing us today. … The Maya, the Aztecs, and the Inca, three of the world’s greatest civilizations, all evolved as a result of their discovery of favorable geographical conditions that facilitated their expansion.

What made the Mesoamerican civilizations great?

Despite the fact that each civilization was distinct, many common threads ran through them, such as their origin stories, gods, religious rituals, art, and architecture, among other things. These peoples have together left behind one of the most diverse and distinctive cultural legacies in the history of the planet.

Which Mesoamerican civilization was the most important to history and why?

The Olmec, being the region’s first civilisation of its sort in Mesoamerica, had a significant impact on the development of other cultures in the region.

What was the role of trade in Olmec civilization?

What role did commerce play in the development of Olmec civilization? It was via trading that the Olmec were able to construct their urban capitals of San Lorenzo and La Venta. These towns, on the other hand, were primarily utilized for ceremonial reasons and elite activities; the majority of the population resided in tiny villages.

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How did the Olmec civilization collapse?

Approximately 400 B.C., La Venta began to deteriorate, and it was eventually abandoned entirely. The collapse of La Venta signaled the end of traditional Olmec civilisation as we know it. Despite the fact that the Olmecs’ ancestors were still present in the region, the civilisation as a whole had perished. The Olmecs’ enormous trading networks, which they had relied on for centuries, came crashing down.

How did the physical environment influence the Olmec?

What role did the physical environment play in the lives of the Olmec? The cold and dry climate encouraged the development of specialized skills. The tropical environment was unsuitable for agricultural production. Terrace farming was possible due to the region’s position on the Central Mexican Plateau.

How were the Olmecs able to support a civilization and cities?

When it came to the Olmec, what role did the physical surroundings play? The environment, which was cold and dry, encouraged specialization in the agricultural industry. It was difficult to cultivate in the tropical environment of the tropics. Terrace farming was possible due to the position on the Central Mexican Plateau.

How did the Olmec civilization use of slash and burn agriculture affect the environment?

Slash and burn is a phrase that means to cut and burn. In addition, agriculture contributes to significant soil erosion, which can result in landslides, water contamination, and/or dust clouds because, in the absence of trees and vegetation and their root systems, soil washes away during heavy rains and blows away during droughts, causing significant damage.

Durkheim Division of Labor

When it comes to layout, Tenochtitlán has a grid pattern that is evocative of which older culture? According to certain theories, the huge olmec heads are made of which of the following materials? The presence of what architectural characteristic may be seen in practically all Mesoamerican cultures is known as? Which of the following was the modern-day territory occupied by the classic Maya civilization? What significant discoveries have been made as a result of recent archaeological investigation in western Mexico?

During a drought in the 12th century, the original Puebloans were forced to move to this region?

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