Which Of The Following Are Standout Traits Of An Adaptive Culture

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Which one of the following is unlikely to beeffective in helping to perpetuate a company’s culture? Assigning employees who fail to display culturalnorms to dead-end jobs where the duties are tightly prescribed and strictlyenforced
The characteristics or unhealthy company cultureinclude incompatible subcultures; a politicized internalenvironment; hostility to change and a wariness of people who champion newways of doing things: an aversion to looking outside the company for bestpractices, new managerial approaches, and innovative ideas; and executiveswho exude the negatives of arrogance, ego, greed, and an”ends-justify-the-means” mentality
Which of the following is unlikely to be true in astrong culture company? Top executives are reluctant to change establishedpolicies, procedures and work practices or back off strict enforcement ofthese policies, procedures and work practices (in order to avoid weakeningthe culture)
Which of the following statements about a strongculture company is false? The most distinctive and dominating theme of astrong culture company is wide support among both mangers and employees forhigh ethical standards and ways of operating that are widely considered to amodel of socially responsible behavior
Which one of the following statements about acompany’s culture is false? The single most important thing the senior companymanagers can do to deeply embed and perpetuate the company’s culture is tohold periodic ceremonies to honor employees who excel in exhibiting and rolemodeling the desired cultural behaviors
The degree to which organizational leaders aresuccessful in making corrective adjustments when things are not going wellhinges on accurate analysis of the circumstances causingunacceptable performance, exercising good judgement in deciding whencorrective adjustments are needed and deciding what adjustments to make, andgood implementation of the corrective actions that are initiated
A company’s values statement and code of ethics have a major culture-building influence becausethey communicate what actions and behavior are expected of all companypersonnel
Which of the following are standout traits of achange-resistant culture? complacency about the need to develop innovative newproducts or implement best practices, a strong preference for followingrather than leading market change, not making bold proposals to pursueemerging opportunities and a “we have done it this way for years”syndrome
which of the following is not a typicalcharacteristic of a weak company culture? A complicated value chain and a very diverse set ofcore competencies – both of which act to create multiple subcultures
The menu of substantive actions top managers cantake to change a problem company culture does not include which one of thefollowing? shifting from decentralized to centralizeddecision-making so as to give senior executives more authority and control indriving cultural change
Leading the drive for good strategy execution and operatingexcellence calls upon managers to practice MBWA, put constructive pressure on theorganization to achieve good results and operating excellence and pushcorrective actions to improve a strategy execution and achieve the targetedresults
Which of the following statements about companysubcultures is inaccurate? Companies that have instituted a values statementand a code of ethics very rarely have subcultures
Which of the following are standout traits of anadaptive culture? A willingness on the part of organizational membersto accept change and take on the challenge of introducing and executing newstrategies encouragement and support for internal entrepreneurship aproactive approach in identifying issues and moving forward with workable solutions
When a company’s present culture promotesattitudes, behaviors, and ways of doing things that are conductive tofirst-rate strategy execution the culture functions as a valuable managerial allyin the strategy execution process
Which one of the following is not a key aspect indefining and shaping the character of a company’s corporate culture? the company’s strategic vision and mission and theapproach to competing the underpins its strategy
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