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Type of site Infotainment
Available in English
Headquarters Baltic Place
URL whatculture.com
Commercial No
Launched 2010
Current status Active

WhatCulture Ltd. is a news website and magazine dedicated to the entertainment industry that was established in 2010. The site provides breaking news in the fields of professional wrestling, television, cinema, video games, and board games, among other things.


WhatCulture was founded in 2006 by Peter Willis and Matt Holmes under the name ObsessedWithFilm. The company’s initial offices were in Newcastle upon Tyne until moving to Baltic Place in 2015. As ObsessedWithFilm, the site was aimed toward news and discussion about what was going on in the entertainment industry. The WhatCultureYouTubechannel was launched on August 17, 2011, however the firm did not publish its first video to the platform until October 14, 2014. WhatCulture launched a new channel on December 11, 2014, which was previously called as WhatCulture WWE but is now known as WhatCulture Wrestling.

  • Other characters such as Adam Pacitti, Kenny McIntosh, Sam Driver, Jack “The Jobber” King, “King” Ross Tweddell, Simon Miller, and others were brought to the site, and their popularity increased as a result of the increased frequency with which content updates were made.
  • Red carpet events in Leicester Square, WWE Raw and San Diego Comic-Con panels, as well as the launch of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling were all part of the company’s expansion strategy (WCPW).
  • The WhatCulture brand was split and diversified in 2017.
  • The departing presenters went on to launch their own wrestling-focused website, Cultaholic, which initially included Blampied.
  • In addition, Defiant Wrestling experienced financial difficulties in 2017 as a result of YouTube’s advertising policies, and the company was forced to close its doors in August 2019.

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In this week’s WWE NXT 2.0 review, we see AJ Styles getting his hands on Grayson Waller.

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Customer Reviews

I knew I’d found the finest wrestling podcast on the planet the moment I heard the Dadleys declare their appreciation for Bret Hart for the very first time. Honestly, though, from the incredible insight of the Michaels to the legitimately entertaining (if occasionally problematic) impressions from Wilbourne and all of the other excellent members of the crew (with a particular shout-out to Phil), this podcast has everything a wrestling fan could want and more. I also wanted to express my gratitude to Sidgwick for providing me with an autographed copy of Becoming All Elite.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

A Great Podcast and a Different Perspective

I’ll make this short and sweet. My favorite team inside Whatculture is the Whatculture Wrestling team, which is my personal favorite. Exceptionally high-quality podcast that provides a far more fair and measured view on mainstream pro wrestling while also demonstrating that pro wrestling is also a highly geeky fandom. I enjoy the UK’s viewpoint on wrestling because it’s a refreshing change of pace from the normal US and Canadian perspectives, and it helps me to perceive things in ways that I hadn’t previously considered in the context of pro wrestling.

However, even beyond the main news headlines, there are countless hours of great content and unique perspectives and takes that make the podcast well worth your time to listen to and learn from.

It wasn’t even my FAULT!

The most entertaining group of boys on the internet, with banter to last for days. My work week is made less of a drudgery by the insight and camaraderie I receive from the lads. The following is a true story: We were on our way out of the store with my wife. My truck is a very common make and model, and my wife made the mistake of going to the incorrect vehicle in the parking lot. “It’s not even my CAR!” I said, channeling my best Sidgwick channeling his best Hamphlet channeling his best Davey Boy Smith.

She was not amused in the least.

I promise that when she finally takes me to divorce court, I’ll proudly stand before the judge and declare, “But it wasn’t even my FAULT!

Review the time Sid Vicious and Vader assaulted Sting and British Bulldog at the beach while the latter pair were having a good time with a bunch of random kids if you want to know why I gave this 5-star review.

Top Podcasts In Sports

(thud, smash, thud) Ding, ding, and more ding. WhatCulture Wrestling is a YouTube channel that is part of the WhatCulture web network, which is dedicated to pop culture.

On it, you’ll find a diverse range of shows, podcasts, and personalities that are all focused on the ins and outs of the Professional Wrestling industry. These are some of the shows:

  • Ups and Downs- Simon Miller analyzes some of the most memorable moments from the most recent WWE television programs. Why? – Simon deconstructs a point of dispute or a heated subject in order to explain why something should or should not be the situation in the world of wrestling. When What Culture Pro Wrestling (now known as Defiant Wrestling) was first established, it was essentially their own wrestling organization, with the Adams (Blampied and Pacitti) playing important roles in the creative process. Following the separation (see below) and rebranding as “Defiant,” it has evolved into a unique entity inside the same organization, with little or no overt cross-promotion.
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Presenters Adam Blampiednote, Adam Pacitti, Jack “the Jobber,” and “King” Ross Twedell, editor Sam Driver, and featured guests from the WhatCulture gaming channel Ben Potter and “Tiny” Peter Austin left the channel in late 2017 citing creative differences and workplace culture. They went on to create their own channels, Cultaholic (on wrestling) and Triple Jump (on video games) (on gaming). The station then promoted Simon to a more prominent lead presenter position, hired new presenters, launched new shows, and altered its emphasis to only broadcasting WWE material in the future.

You may also visit the main website, which was the inspiration for the creation of the channel, by clicking here.

The shows from the pre-split era included examples of:

  • Jack’s heel turn in the summer of 2017 was swiftly put on hold owing to the massive negative response from the audience
  • This was the first of many such episodes to be cancelled. Intense Parody: Since they began putting plots into their videos, they have become one of the most popular parodies of professional wrestling. For the record, Kurt Angle is Adam Blampied’s favorite wrestler of all time. He would often incorporate Kurt into his dream bookings whenever feasible, either as a face (having him halt Goldberg’s rampage) or a heel (had him be the true mastermind behindSteve Austin being struck by a vehicle)
  • Sam Driver, a former editor, is a thorn in the side of his assistant. The Berserk Button is activated by the following characters: AdamhatesSantino MarellaandR-Truth. It’s interesting to note that Other Adam enjoys them
  • When something surprising occurs during their response films, they occasionally exclaim loudly “OMG!” One of the most memorable instances was their reaction to Goldbergsquashing. Episode 1 of the Breather Series: Brock LesnaratSurvivor Series2016
  • No plot is being followed on the Roadblock broadcast
  • Instead, Adam and Simon are just chilling and watching some wrestling with nothing at stake. After putting aside the BX / Pacitti Club dispute, Adam, Jack, and Sam sit down to witness the newest episode in Matt and Jeff Hardy’s journey into lunacy.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: Adam enjoys imitating the accents of other Adam and Jack whenever the opportunity presents itself
  • WhatCulture inHow They Should Have Booked The Invasion features Brian Zane and Grim (from Grim’s Toy Show) attempting to take over WhatCulture. Several months later, Adam would repay Zane’s favor in hisHeroes of Wrestlingreview. Cheaters Will Never Succeed: The situation is avoided
  • Adam has overtly cheated in all of his post-Fastlane championship defenses and has retained his title in every instance. Karma, on the other hand, finally catches up with him
  • It’s All About the Country: “Is the Face/Heel Dynamic Dead?” he asks towards the beginning of his Pipebomb video on the subject. (This video was released as Patreon-restricted content as WhatCulture Extra rather than being released on YouTube, which means he doesn’t have to censor his swearing for fear of being demonetised) Adam refers to Roman Reigns as “an objectionable cunt” at the height of his failed face push
  • (this video was released as Patreon-restricted content as WhatCulture Extra rather than being released on YouTube, which means he doesn’t have to You Have to Work Hard for Your Happy Ending: After being battered down by BX, suffering through countless uncomfortable forfeits, and losing control of his own program, Jack was eventually victorious at WrestleMania
  • Double-Turn in the Fastlane: At the end of the Fastlane, make a face-to-heel turn. During Adam vs. Adam, Sam and Suzie revealed that they had been working for BX all along, handed the championship back to Adam, and superkicked Jack, resulting in Adam and BX being transformed into nefarious villains, and Jack and the Pacitti Club being transformed into sympathetic characters
  • Adam, following the events of Fastlane
  • Faux Affably Evil: Gargle Blaster: The “Cena-Colada,” a cocktail created of wine, milk, mustard, tea, Tabasco, cinnamon, and vinegar, as well as other ingredients. Without a doubt, that is a forfeit. Also of note is the “Long Island Big E,” which is a concoction of beer, “Sex on a Beach,” cream, “Iron Bru,” a lot of salt, mouthwash, goat urine, and vinegar
  • HashtagForLaughs: Once each Episode, Ben will remark something similar to what he says in his previous WhatCulture videos: “you could call it. Shit X for Wankers,ShitXForWankers!” is a phrase that is pushed to its logical conclusion while addressing the father in The Mist: “Shit X for Wankers,ShitXForWankers!” In the words of Ben: S**tFatherWhoDraggedOutAScaryFogMonsterAttackByNotKillingHisSonSoonerForW**kers! In the words of Ben: Sorry for the inconvenience, editor. Sam, as seen in the WhatCultureMania forfeit video
  • Heel–Face Turn: Sam and the Revolving Door with His Heel in His Face Finally, he’s back! Adam Pacitti had a triumphant return at the Extreme Rules reaction, earning the cash prize and the title. Ham is on his way: “Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Several jokes regarding Vince McMahon’s remarkable body have been circulated. “He could not be slain by anything as insignificant as a stampede of wildebeests
  • He would devour them first
  • ” The Masochist’s Meal consists of the following ingredients: Other Adam ate a ghost chili as part of a forfeit
  • My Friends and I were there. as well as Zoidberg: In the video “10 Things WWE Wants You to Forget About Shane McMahon,” Adam described the Attitude Era stable The Union as “consisting of a mad boy, a big boy, an angry boy, andTest”
  • In the video “10 Things WWE Wants You to Forget About Shane McMahon,” Adam described the Union as “consisting of a mad boy, a big boy, an angry boy, andTest.” The Mole’s Point of View: According to Sam, the Pacitti Club was a hoax, and his conversion to BX was a fraud
  • They’re Much Older Than They Appear: Jack is in his early twenties, although he appears to be in his twenties at the moment. By referring to him as a 5-year-old, Adam and King Ross poked fun at the situation. Gag that is excessively long: The following is an example of a rhetorical question error:
  • In the video, “10 Things WWE Want You to Forget About the Big Show,” Adam says the following to himself:

What could be more entertaining than watching The Big Show be humiliated? Well,scabies.

  • Did it again in “10 of the Most Heel Things John Cena Ever Did as a Babyface,” this time without a snarky undertone:
  • Adam:. If you’re thinking about what would be the worst stuff to descend on you from a tremendous height, what could be worse than genuine sh*t? I’m referring to the fact that bricks, I suppose, but keep your mouth quiet
  • Running Joke: King Ross reigned supreme in this regard, no pun intended:
  • “IT’S JOHN O’CLOCK, MOTHERF—ERS!” screamed King Ross as he realized that JBL had made a mistake on commentary. A T-shirt was created as a result of its widespread popularity. Dabayu-Dabayu-Eeeeee, BaRON Corbin, WTF moMONTS, and other unusual pronunciations
  • Parading around as a doomsday siren blares in the background
  • And other eccentricities. It was his custom to do this anytime anything really unexpected happened on the show he was covering (for example, JBL correcting Mauro Ranallo): yelling “TOMSPIRACY!” in falsetto, in reference to how Tom Phillips often had to stand bow-legged or sit in order to appear shorter than the wrestlers he was interviewing, when in reality he is taller than almost all of them
  • Yelling “TOMSPIRACY!” in falsetto, in reference to how Tom Phillips often had to stand bow-legged or sit in order to appear shorter than the wrestlers he was interviewing
  • In non-Ross running gags, when Adam did a top 10 and something alluded to something further down the list, he’d say knowingly, “Oh, we’ll get to that.”
  • In “10 Things WWE Want You to Forget About CM Punk,” Adam came up with a different full name for CM Punkpretty much every time he said his name. In “10 Things WWE Want You to Forget About CM Punk,” Adam came up with a “How WWE Should Book The Debut Of Balor Club” was a video in which Adam went over the top, suggesting “random combat words” as the title of the next NXT TakeOver event, such as TakeOver: Outnumbered, TakeOver: Fierce, TakeOver: Cardio, TakeOver: Domination, TakeOver: Flex, TakeOver: RuUUUugh, TakeOver: Trouble, and TakeOver: Scowl. It’s impossible not to highlight the fact that JBLlegit beat up The Blue Meani in the middle of the ring at the inaugural ECW One Night Stand whenever they had the opportunity.
  • King Ross is known as “Sir Swears-a-Lot.” Occasionally, every other word he spoke was beeped out, which was frustrating. After Fastlane, Adam is a smug Snake. Special Guest: Andrew was able to secure the appearance of Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore on a few of occasions, with Nick treating Andrew like theButt-Monkey that he is
  • Flanders is a Stupid Sexy Flanders: When King Ross looked back on the events, he occasionally displayed components of this, such as telling Triple H, “Good boy,” when he sat down
  • And telling Seth Rollins, “Good boy,” when he sat down. Here’s how to get a playlist with the top ten songs on the subject: ’10 WWE Stars Who Only Won Gold Because of the Brand Split’ has 8, Orlando Jordan, whose inclusion in the list may be seen “with different angles” (one angle for each of the four corners)
  • Best Friends in the Vitriolic World: Blampied and Pacitti got their start in this manner
  • The following technical difficulties are being experienced: After “it’s a moment, not a match,” Blampied had a minor tantrum at the start of the “Top 10 Matches of 2016” because he was informed he couldn’t include Lesnar vs. Goldberg on the list because “it’s a moment, not a contest.” The news that they are developing their own wrestling promotion, WCPW, is the highlight of this episode.

Sam:I hereby relinquish ownership of this title to Adam Blampied.

  • King Ross issued the following proclamation regarding Jack’s final attempt to usurp Adam’s throne:
  • Just as Adam was about to celebrate his Extreme Rules championship triumph, a hooded person appeared and cashed in

The shows from the post-split era included examples of:

  • Brief Accent Imitation: Whenever Simon discusses the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he frequently pronounces it as “dubyuh-see-dubyuh,” expressing it in the same Southern accent associated with its Atlanta roots — and its creator, Ted Turner
  • And The Cerebus Roller Coaster is a thrilling ride that takes you through the woods and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over bridges and over Simon is frequently the lone source of optimism on the channel, with the other presenters giving at best mean-spirited comedy or being more explicitly negative
  • New Friends for an Old Hero: One of the few main holdovers, Simon Miller is now responsible for all of the channel’s most popular videos, including the two series that have been running from the beginning of the channel’s existence: Why? and “Ups and Downs.” Adam Clery was also retained and given a larger role in the show.
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What Culture Pro Wrestling

What Culture Pro Wrestling(WCPW) was a Britishindependentwrestling promotion that operated from 2003 until 2007. In 2014, the YouTube channel WhatCulture Wrestling began posting videos on wrestling, specifically the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Due in part to its fictional plot, which involved guessing the results of the What Culture World Championship wrestling tournament, the station developed a considerable cult following. Due to the popularity of the channel’s characters as well as the plot involving the WhatCulture Heavyweight Championship, the company What Culture Pro Wrestling was founded in 2012.

British Summer Time.


  • Among the championships held by the WCPW are the World Championship, WCPW Internet Championship, WCPW Hardcore Championship, WCPW Tag Team Championship, and WCPW Women’s Championship.


What Culture Pro Wrestling events
2016 results
Loaded1Loaded2Loaded3Loaded4Built To DestroyLoaded5Loaded6Loaded7StackedLoaded8Loaded9Loaded10Loaded11Refuse To LoseLoaded12Loaded13Loaded14True LegacyLoaded15Loaded16Delete WCPWLoaded17Loaded18
2017 results
KirbyManiaLights OutLoaded19Loaded20Loaded21Loaded22True DestinyLoaded23Loaded24Exit WoundsChain ReactionChampionship ShowdownEnglish Qualifying RoundScottish Qualifying RoundState Of EmergencyNo RegretsMexican Qualifying RoundCanadian Qualifying RoundHendryManiaFight BackBuilt To Destroy 2017

Amazon.com: What Culture Wrestling: Issue One eBook : Blampied, Adam, Douglas, Shane, Prichard, Tom, Reynolds, RD, Gallagher, Simon, Howse, Lewis, Hendry, Justin, Gilder, Chris, Dixon, James, Clery, Adam: Kindle Store

80,000 words of timeless wrestling content in the text-only version of What Culture’s brand-new wrestling bookazine, which is available now. Rank and debate the Top 100 WWE Matches of All Time in this article. Shane Douglas, a former WWE, WCW, and ECW star, as well as WrestleCrap’s RD Reynolds and former WWE trainer and thirty-year pro Tom Prichard, will provide guest columns. The following is an excerpt from Adam Blampied’s How WWE Should Have Booked, which features Rey Mysterio’s World Title tenure.

Interviews with Nigel McGuinness, Scott Steiner, musician Mark Crozer, and film director Mark Chervinsky are available only on this website.

SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain is a video game that brings back fond memories.

Eddie Guerrero, as well as the Wrestling World Cup, are all possibilities for fantasy booking.

In this episode, we talk about how hardcore shaped and destroyed a generation, the lost art of Kayfabe, and how the WWF made Vince McMahon drop the f-bomb. Lists include: the tallest wrestlers in history, the 10 most influential cruiserweights, and more.

The Return of WWE Random Thoughts: Looking at the WWE Culture and Product

Who exactly is the WWE’s target market, and what is the company’s current product? Thesimple answer is kids and families, but what does that even mean? It means we now get everyone’s favorite “PG” label stamped on theproduct, it means more of a goofy, colorful version ofJohn Cena, arobustly boring and bland version of Sheamus, touts, corny tweets and aplethora of kids wearing John Cena shirts with CM Punk wrist bands. These ramblings on the brain. These moments of clarity that ignite a passionate firestorm of beliefs, ideas, visions and nightmares all pertaining to the WWE product and its rampaging, corporate trainwreck of misguided shareholders who wouldn’t know a good wrestling promotion if it slapped them in the face.

  1. Oh, so we’re going to continue to green light these straight-to-DVD movies?
  2. Who’d we get to star in this inspired piece of masterpiece film making?
  3. you don’t say!
  4. I’m gonnago to the papersand report this blockbuster announcement!
  5. Are you sure outside investors won’t try to hinder our philosophies, culture, trademarks and appearance?
  6. Film, sports (the XFL), cable channels, music?
  7. Should we really spread our resources across all those platforms when our base product (wrestling) continues to grow less and less culturally relevant?

Put the gun down, Vince!

The only obvious problem that I can still see with the product is its disjointed and often horrendous usage of the “good guy” and “bad guy” imaginary line that has always divided the product for decades.

Yes, I understand that in order for there to be a story there needs to be a hero and villain.

Yes, I understand that society’s moral character and foundation is based in the belief that good always triumphs over evil.

But that doesn’t mean I need to have Sheamus and his atrociously boring character shoved down my throat.

The above statement also has some sort of weird, reverse side effect that I will now officially dub “The Sheamus Effect.” It’s a simple theory that follows the rules, ideas and concepts of the new “cheering philosophy” found in today’s WWE, but instead of individuals cheering for their own respective wrestlers, it seems as though there’s a growing contingent of fans that simply “boo” the wrestlers the WWE are trying (desperately at times) to shove in our faces as.faces.

  • Who exactly is the WWE’s target market, and what is the company’s current product?
  • Sure, it means we now get everyone’s favorite “PG” label stamped on the product, it means more of a goofy, colorful version of John Cena, a robustly boring and bland version of Sheamus, touts, corny tweets and a plethora of kids wearing John Cena shirts with CM Punk wrist bands.
  • The fact of the matter is that unless your name is CM Punk (who technically still resides floating around the middle of the good/evil line), your opportunity to surpass one of the proclaimed “good guys” is far and few between.
  • And shouldn’t someone in the WWE headquarters, who I’m assuming graduated college with a degree in marketing, say to someone “You know, kids will most likely like whatever you tell them to like.

Some will point the finger to Linda McMahon and her campaign run for a Senate seat, others will point the finger to Vince McMahon, who’s once-golden touch on the industry now seems outdated and out-of-touch, and others will simply stand by the fact that professional wrestling, in general, already peaked in the late 90’s and has plateaued to what we see today.

  1. Does the WWE have any moral obligation to be socially and culturally responsible for the product they put on television?
  2. Absolutely not!
  3. raw.
  4. I’m not sure if it was the beers or our college educated brains that came up with this epiphany, but it’s pretty freaking mind blowing nonetheless.
  5. wait for it.
  6. It’s a fact (all right, maybe just a highly-regarded opinion) that there are two types of people in this world: those that like professional wrestling and those that don’t.
  7. There were kids in the front row loving the product when Stone Cold was flipping the bird, pounding beers and wreaking havoc just like there are kids in the front row watching John Cena change his shirt color every five months just to up merchandise sales.
  8. If we could all duo a collective face palm at this time, maybe someone in Connecticut will hear the loud, thunderous dud of their bottom line dropping.
  9. Random Thought No.
  10. Long live the King!

2For those of you who all of a sudden have a new-found respect for Michael Cole after the way he handled the Lawler incident with class, humanity and an over pouring show of sadness, concern and respect for a close friend of his, I’d like to know if you can tell the difference virtual reality and reality.

  1. We all know Cole is a raging jerk on television because (imagine all this in caps lock) it’s the WWE!
  2. He’s obviously not as rambunctious, condescending and mean-spirited in real life like he portrays on.television!
  3. especially Damien Sandow.
  4. 3Daniel Bryan andKaneare the greatest tag-team champions I’ve seen since.
  5. Oh man, the tag team division really did suck for a long time!
  6. When the tag titles were in the limelight, it was always a treat for me.
  7. Let’s hope we see more of this in the future and that this doesn’t devolve into.whatever you want to call it when the WWE is being the WWE in its normal state.

The answer is very amusing!

I’ve never seen somebody sprint through the gauntlet of emotions as quickly as she did in my life!

Wasn’t wrestling originally intended to be an emotional roller coaster with an investment of one’s soul in it?

In case you’re not old enough to remember what I’m talking about, here’s a random thought number five: We had a Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerriganflashback at Night of Champions.

This is especially true of a story that has some pop culture relevance to it.

If it is ever created at all.

6: Booker T and AJ are absolutely, totally abominable in their roles as general managers of Smackdown and Raw, respectively!

Why is A.J.

That is a mystery to me, WWE creative!

Is the Brogue Kick worse than the Pedigree in terms of quality?

Isn’t the Cobra a judo chop to the jugular that’s been done before?

Thank you so much, Booker T!

‘Random Thought’ number seven.

You don’t tell Chris Jericho that he needs to return to Toronto. You are not to get in the path of Stone Cold Steve Austin at any cost. When it comes to Daniel Bryan, you don’t yell “Yes!” And you certainly don’t market the WWE to a bunch of obnoxious children!

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How Saudi Arabians experienced WWE’s ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’

2nd of May, 2018 In addition to being the Islamic holy capital, Mecca is also a destination where Muslims are required to travel at least once in their lives. However, there is another, little less holy, side to the city that may surprise people: its fervor for the World Wrestling Entertainment. “I’m a huge wrestling fan,” said Naif Nail Gobory, a 39-year-old Mecca native who was dressed in a vintage New World Order T-shirt from the era when Hulk Hogan was still the undisputed ruler of the wrestling world.

  1. “This is a historic event in Saudi Arabia,” Mujallid, 37, said, stressing that despite their lifetime infatuation with WWE, neither of them had ever attended a WWE event in person.
  2. Mujallid is acutely conscious of the fact that he is brushing up against the social conventions of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Over the course of 14 years, the band has performed at clubs in Egypt, Dubai, and Bahrain, but its concerts in Jeddah are limited to private residences or foreigner-only residential communities.
  4. “We went through so many things,” Mujallid added.

The massive transformation taking place across Saudi Arabia that Mujallid is referring to is intended, in part, to cater to the country’s 32 million citizens – 65 percent of whom are under 30 – who are in desperate need of entertainment and are looking for alternatives to the overabundance of new shopping malls.

This shift toward more Western-style entertainment and culture does not, as in the past, prohibit women from participating in these endeavors.

According to Gobory, “I consider my daughter to be a friend.” “I carry her with me everywhere I go.” Women and young girls, who have for decades been barred from achieving anything resembling social advancement in Saudi Arabia, turned out in droves to watch the Greatest Royal Rumble, donning WWE hats, holding signs, and generally having a good time at the sold-out, 62,000-plus-capacity King Abdullah Sports City Stadium on Saturday night.

  • Men were allowed to work as ushers at the event, which was attended by Saudi women, who were granted the ability to attend stadium events for the first time in January – an act that had previously resulted in incarceration.
  • It represents the beginning of a wave of much-needed transformation, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is 32 years old.
  • A number of notable events have taken place in the nation in recent months, including the opening of the country’s first movie theater in 35 years, concerts with rapper Nelly, and a partnership with Cirque du Soleil.
  • The golfers, on the other hand, will be hard pressed to replicate the level of excitement produced by The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena in Jeddah.
  • Sports, according to Dr.

Al-Askari explained that the visits gave the wrestlers “an opportunity to learn more about our community, our culture, and to connect with the marginalized groups.” ‘It was a logical development’ Adapting to cultural sensitivity is something the WWE is accustomed to, according to Levesque, who shrugged off the inability to unwind with a post-match drink in a nation where alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  • There were various differences between the event and an usual WWE performance, including matches that were scheduled to pause for the Muslim call to prayer and outside air conditioners to keep those in the VIP area cool.
  • In accordance with Saudi tradition, males who were not accompanied by women were placed separately from the mixed “family sections” that were spread throughout the stadium.
  • Every single week, we have an average of nine to ten live events taking place somewhere in the world “As Levesque pointed out, the firm has held about 40 previous events in the region throughout the course of its history.
  • That is exactly what we do here.” Leaving women wrestlers such as Levesque’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, and her on-screen adversary Ronda Rousey – one of the WWE’s most high-profile signings in recent memory – at home was a big part of that adjustment, at least for the time being.
  • The fact that some of its greatest stars were at home during a time when the company’s continuous focus is on the advancement of women portrayed a different picture than usual.
  • In terms of the future, it is not out of the question that women wrestlers will be allowed to compete in events at some time in the future.
  • “You can’t prescribe to places their customs, but you can assist in bringing about change,” he explained.

The General Sports Authority was not pleased by the raucous cheering of males on social media, notwithstanding the fact that they could be heard.

Despite the fact that there were no women competing in the ring on this particular night, there was a significant presence and representation of women who took advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance in Saudi Arabia.

It was officially announced that Braun Strowman was the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble bout.

Local cable and satellite companies now transmit WWE live throughout the Gulf states, thanks to the advancement of technology.

There was a sense that there was more going on than simply pro wrestling, despite the thousands of youngsters – and more than a few adults – who dressed out in costumes of their favorite wrestlers and howled at each body blow.

The image of Saudi ladies dressed in abayas and sporting WWE hats and flags was unique – and unheard of in the country.

Women will be able to watch their first live soccer matches as a result of the reforms that permitted them to attend the Greatest Royal Rumble, which has also put them on the route to becoming licensed drivers for the first time.

According to Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia observes male guardianship rules, which require a woman to get a man’s consent before exercising basic rights such as applying for a passport, getting married, or even holding a job.

Alanoud Al-Sharekh, a women’s rights campaigner and gender studies scholar at the London Middle East Institute, believes that changing the legislation will be “the next natural step” for the country and that it is “the next logical step.” She claims that through promoting mixed high-profile events such as The Greatest Royal Rumble, the Saudi government is “empower[ing] women from all various social groups to say to their guardians, ‘This is the new Saudi today.'” The author, who frequently visits relatives in Saudi Arabia, observes that women are increasingly taking on senior leadership roles in businesses and government – including on the board of the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco – a shift that will necessitate the freedom to move around the country.

“How can you claim she needs her guardian’s permission to travel if you do anything like that?” she questioned after the incident.

The Atlantic magazine published an article by him in April stating that “it does not go back to the period of the Prophet Muhammad.” “Women were not permitted to travel with male guardians in the 1960s.

“We were able to operate and manage our family to the best of our abilities despite the fact that we did not have any independent movement.

Politics and the prospect of a better future It even came into play when a group of local finalists in WWE’s talent hunt in the region squared off against the Daivari Brothers on Friday night, who entered the ring brandishing a giant Iranian flag and spewing patriotic language from their own nation.

Gobory claimed that the event was an unnecessary spectacle.

“I disliked the idea of involving a specific country and showing to the entire world that its name, flag, and citizens were targeted,” he said.

His claim that he had received death threats three days after the event prompted him to issue a tweet in which he clarified that he “portrayed a fictitious character” who did not reflect his “personal opinions.” “Unfortunately, some individuals took offense to this, despite the fact that it was just for amusement purposes,” he continued.

Saudi Arabia’s interior Batterjee describes his popularity as “massive,” particularly among those under the age of thirty.

They see hope, they see the future, they see strength, they see leadership, and they see themselves as leaders “” she explained.

Gobory expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that resellers had snatched up virtually all of the available tickets on the open market, leaving diehards scrambling to locate what they could.

Additionally, the first large-scale mixed throng to gather in the country had growing pains as they adjusted to new realities and unfamiliar settings.

These women were breaking simple regulations such as waiting in line at food kiosks and sitting in their allocated seats.

However, once the dust had cleared and The Undertaker had closed his casket on Rusev, Gobory was able to put his real-world problems aside for the time being and concentrate on what was most important to him that night.

“Yes, it is worthwhile in the case of The Undertaker. For the simple reason that he is my favorite celebrity, “he explained. “There is no celebrity or actress in Hollywood, no musician that can compete with The Undertaker’s immensity in my heart.”

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