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Type of site Infotainment
Available in English
Headquarters Baltic Place
URL whatculture.com
Commercial No
Launched 2010
Current status Active

WhatCulture Ltd. is a news website and magazine dedicated to the entertainment industry that was established in 2010. The site provides breaking news in the fields of professional wrestling, television, cinema, video games, and board games, among other things.


WhatCulture was founded in 2006 by Peter Willis and Matt Holmes under the name ObsessedWithFilm. The company’s initial offices were in Newcastle upon Tyne until moving to Baltic Place in 2015. As ObsessedWithFilm, the site was aimed toward news and discussion about what was going on in the entertainment industry. The WhatCultureYouTubechannel was launched on August 17, 2011, however the firm did not publish its first video to the platform until October 14, 2014. WhatCulture launched a new channel on December 11, 2014, which was previously called as WhatCulture WWE but is now known as WhatCulture Wrestling.

  • Other characters such as Adam Pacitti, Kenny McIntosh, Sam Driver, Jack “The Jobber” King, “King” Ross Tweddell, Simon Miller, and others were brought to the site, and their popularity increased as a result of the increased frequency with which content updates were made.
  • Red carpet events in Leicester Square, WWE Raw and San Diego Comic-Con panels, as well as the launch of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling were all part of the company’s expansion strategy (WCPW).
  • The WhatCulture brand was split and diversified in 2017.
  • The departing presenters went on to launch their own wrestling-focused website, Cultaholic, which initially included Blampied.
  • In addition, Defiant Wrestling experienced financial difficulties in 2017 as a result of YouTube’s advertising policies, and the company was forced to close its doors in August 2019.

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Sabina Berman, a Mexican playwright and director, has been creating and staging plays that challenge and frequently mock traditional concepts of gender, political legitimacy, historical authority, and cultural identity for almost three decades. It is not a Berman original, but rather a translation and adaption of Marie Jones’ critically acclaimed play Stones in His Pockets, which was performed at the New York City Center for the Performing Arts in 2003. Although the title has a big, capital “X,” and has various implications, it is only the outside wrapping of an intricate text, translation, and performance that spans Ireland to Mexico, from actor to audience, and lastly from Hollywood to the rest of the world.

Within the framework of this multicultural performance of texts and extra-texts (which Berman created herself), she and her own hired “extras” explore what it means to be an extra, both literally and figuratively, in today’s global(ized) society.

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