Explain How The Myth Of Perseus Illustrates The Influence Of Culture And History On A Work’s Theme


Read the text from the myth of Theseus below and then follow the instructions to the letter to accomplish the task. The next venture performed by Theseus far beyond all of his previous acts of heroism and earned him the universal acclaim and goodwill of his fellow-citizens for his efforts. This was the death of the Minotaur, which put an end to the ignominious tribute of seven youths and seven maidens, which had been exacted from the Athenians every nine years, for all time. According to legend, Androgeos, the king of Crete, was killed by the Athenians while he was a child.

He subsequently captured Athens and the surrounding towns.

At the time Theseus informed his father of his heroic determination, the older man was overcome with grief and made every effort to break his son’s resolve.

It was traditional for the ship transporting its unfortunate cargo of human victims to employ only black sails on this journey; but, Theseus promised his father that, if he returned safely, he would raise white sails in their place.

  1. After arriving in the presence of King Minos, the goddess of Love infused Ariadne, the queen’s lovely daughter, with a passionate devotion to the noble young hero who had just come.
  2. After a secret interview in which they both confessed their feelings for one another, Ariadne presented him with the sword and the thread.
  3. Minos now led him to the entrance of the labyrinth, where he stood at the head of his group of colleagues awaiting him.
  4. Their ship was waiting for them when they escaped, bringing with them the gorgeous lady, whose devotion to their deliverer was the reason for their survival.
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1. Go over Theseus’ actions and description one more time. Then identify and describe which character typology most closely resembles Theseus. 2. Which of the following character archetypes best describes Ariadne’s personality? Maiden Lady Warrior VillainHero (also known as Lady Warrior VillainHero)

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What is an example of the influence of Greekmythology and symbols on our culture? all of these
What should you consider in order to find the themein a piece of literature? You should examine the behavior of the maincharacters and see what, if any, lesson they have learned in their struggles.Look for elements that are emphasized in the story. Consider what the storyvalues in humans and life. When you put all of that together, you should havean idea of the theme the author is trying to relate.
Which description defines the character archetypeof the Lady Warrior? a strong, beautiful woman with athletic abilities;she may disguise herself as a man
Review the actions and description of Theseus.Then, name and explain which character archetype fits Theseusb best /b. The archetype illustrated by Theseus is the Hero.The excerpt mentions “heroic feats of daring” and we see him defeatand kill the fierce Minotaur, thus releasing the Athenians from the horriblesacrifices they have been forced to make to the King of Minos.
Explain how the myth of Perseus illustrates theinfluence of culture and history on a work’s theme. Perseus lived in a time when society was changing.In earlier times, a leader was simply the best warrior. After defeating the enemy,a ruler’s major goal was to preserve his own rule. Perseus represents the newkind of leader, one who is more concerned with the needs of the people.Additionally, this story illustrates what happens to those who ignore thelaws of their gods as well as the rewards that come to those who honor themand their laws.
Identify Atalanta’s archetype and select one modernfemale character to explain how that character represents the same archetype. Atalanta represents the Lady Warrior and is a majorinfluence in the creation of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. Atalantaexcels in athletics and competitions that generally only include men. Whileshe doesn’t compete in the games at Hogwarts, Hermione fights alongside Harryand Ron when they encounter danger. She even punches Malfoy in the nose inone adventure. Like Atalanta, she is brave, feminine, and beautiful.
Which situational archetype is seen in the story ofPerseus? Hero’s Journey
Explain how the Antihero archetype differs from theHero archetype. A Hero represents the best of society. The Hero isall that is admired in terms of characteristics, talents, skills, andbehaviors. The Hero acts in the interest of society, putting the needs ofothers before his or her own needs. An Antihero has some qualities of theHero but is lacking in some significant way. For example, the Antihero isoften selfish and concerned more with his or her own well-being than that ofsociety. An Antihero may also use illegal or immoral means to achieve aworthy goal.
Which character archetype fits the character ofAriadneb best /b? Maiden
Which of the following is an aspect of the Hero’sJourney that we see in the myth of Perseus? being called to adventure
Which phrase defines “atonement”b best? /b satisfaction or compensation for a wrong
Which theme can a reader derive from the story ofPandora? Even though life may be hard, we can still havehope for something better.
How does the prophecy of Acrisius’ death come true? In a competition, Perseus throws a discus that goesastray and hits Acrisius in the head, killing him.
The owl has become a symbol of wisdom in ourculture partly because of its association with the Greek goddess of wisdom,_. Athena
Which situational archetype is often found infantasy fiction such as Lord of the Rings? the Quest
Why were Atalanta and her husband turned intolions? to punish them for offending one of the gods
Which theme can be found in the story of Atalanta? Women can be as strong and skilled as men.
How do the characters of Acrisius and Perseusillustrate the old and new kinds of leaders? Acrisius represents the old order that relied oncontrol and fear to rule; Perseus shows courage, concern for others, andwisdom.
What did Acrisius do to try to keep the prophecy ofhis death from being fulfilled? He set his daughter and her child adrift at sea ina sealed chest.
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Why were Atalanta and her husband transformed? – Easierwithpractice.com

Following their having sex in one of her temples, which they visited to rest on their route to Hippomenes’ house, Atalanta and Hippomenes were punished by Cybele by being transformed into lions by the goddess Cybele (the Greeks believed that lions could not mate with other lions, but only with leopards).

Why were Atalanta and her husband turned into lions Brainly?

What happened to Atalanta and her spouse that caused them to be transformed into lions? in order to punish them for having offended one of the gods. in order to pay tribute to them and to protect Atalanta’s innocence in order to punish Melanion for deceiving Atalanta

Which character archetype fits the character of Atalanta best?

When it comes to the title of Lady Warrior, the character of Atalanta would be the most appropriate. Artemis considered her to be a beloved huntess and a favorite of hers. Her given name was taken from the Greek word atalantos, which literally translates as “equal weight.”

Which character archetype fits Perseus best?

The Villain is a character in a novel or a play.

Which element is common in mythology but is not found in all fiction?

Despite the fact that supernatural aspects are ubiquitous in mythology, they are not found in all literature.

Which phrase defines atonement best?

Explanation: The term “atonement” refers to the act of making amends or reparations for a wrong, transgression, or damage that has been committed. Compensation, redemption, restitution, and satisfaction are all terms that might be used to describe atonement.

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Which field illustrates the influence?

Medicine, literature, and science are some of the domains where the impact of Greek mythology and symbolism may be seen in action.

What is an example of the influence of Greek mythology and symbols on our culture?

In our culture, Greek mythology and iconography have had an impact, with several terms and concepts from the ancient Greek language finding their way into the English language. Exemplified by the names given to planets and constellations in our culture, the modern Olympic games, literary allusions to Greek mythology, and so on, Greek civilization has had a significant impact on our society.

Which archetype does Narcissus represent?

Characters that represent archetypes: Echo is a naive and cunning trickster. Narcissus is a tenacious individualist. Hera is a shrew and a villain.

Which archetypal character is the enchantress in the story Rapunzel the Wicked Witch?

There is just one answer. The Wicked Witch of the West is the classic character of the “enchantress” in the narrative of Rapunzel.

Why are ancient archetypes useful and relevant to today’s world?

What is it about old archetypes that makes them valuable and relevant in today’s world? The individuals and events that they represent are ageless and transcend cultural boundaries, as seen by their inclusion in this collection. When it comes to situational archetypes, which one is comprised of two lovers who go through numerous tribulations but ultimately manage to stay together?

Which archetype is described best as?

Answer has been verified by an expert. The Ingénue is a female archetype that is best defined as someone who is youthful and attractive but who does nothing to influence his or her own destiny, as opposed to a heroine. The Ingénue is a young, attractive girl who has the potential to become the leading man’s love interest.

Which archetype fits the character of the hero best?

This is the Ingénue’s story.

Which archetype do Arachne and iris represent?

It is A. The Outcast who is the correct answer.

Which archetype does the character Little Red Riding Hood represent?

With the narrative of “Little Red Riding Hood,” we can see how evil takes advantage of innocence and uses it against the innocent.

The wicked world preys on the young girl who appears to be completely innocent. Ingenue is the archetype that she embodies and expresses in her own character.

Which archetype do the stories of Cupid and Psyche and of Sleeping Beauty have in common?

The kiss of true love

How the myth of Perseus illustrates the influence of culture and history on a work’s theme?

Explain how the myth of Perseus exemplifies the effect of culture and history on the content of a piece of writing. Perseus lived during a period when civilization was undergoing transformation. In former times, a leader was simply the most skilled warrior on the battlefield. Pereius represents the new kind of leader, one that is more concerned with the needs of his or her followers than with their own.

What’s the story behind Pandora’s box?

The myth of Pandora’s box is based on an old Greek legend about a figure named Pandora who was given a box as a wedding present but was forbidden from opening it. Eventually, her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box, allowing death, evil, and sorrow to enter the world for all to see.

What came out of Pandora’s box?

Pandora, who was designed to be inquisitive, couldn’t keep her hands off the box, and the need to open it overtook her and she opened the box. Greed, jealousy, hatred, suffering, sickness, starvation, poverty, war, and death were just a few of the horrible things that flew out of the box. All of life’s tribulations have been unleashed into the universe.

Can Pandora’s box be closed?

While Pandora’s narrative does not conclude with her spilling evil into the world, it does conclude with her sealing the lid and keeping hope trapped inside the jar. Death-worshippers will not be victorious as long as we confirm our lives on a daily basis and take profound delight in our existence. And if they are unable to triumph, hope will continue to exist. Pandora’s box has not been opened yet.

What is the opposite of Pandora’s box?

Pandora’s box does not have a categorical antonym in the English language. When it comes to the proper noun Pandora’s box, it is defined as follows: A box handed to Pandora by Zeus, whose orders that it not be opened were disobeyed, resulting in devastating repercussions.

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What is similar to Pandora’s Box?

From this narrative has developed the term “to open a Pandora’s box”, meaning to initiate or start anything that will generate numerous unanticipated troubles. “To open a can of worms” is a contemporary, more colloquial expression that means “to let the worms out.”

Mythology Perseus Summary and Analysis

Despite the fact that he has a wonderfully beautiful daughter, King Acrisius of Argos desires a son, so he prays to the gods. In addition to telling him that Acrisius will never have a son, Apollo also informs him that the son of his daughter will murder him. The only way to completely avoid this prophesy would be for Acrisius to murder his daughter, Danae, but he is afraid of what the gods would do to him if he did so. As an alternative, he confines Danae in a bronze structure without a roof and keeps a close eye on her.

The birth of Perseus is discovered by Acrisius, who places Perseus and his mother Danae in a box and throws it into the sea.

It is not long until Danae’s brother, King Polydectes, falls in love with her and plans to have Danae’s son removed from the family.

However, this achievement appears to be unachievable because anyone who glances at the snakes would suddenly turn to stone.

He informs Perseus that in order to defeat the Medusa, Perseus would require unique equipment from the Nymphs of the Northern Lands.

They only have one eye between the three of them, and they alternate who gets to use it.

This is to prevent Perseus from becoming stone.

Perseus is accompanied by Hermes on his journey to this world, where he discovers a land of joyous people who are always banqueting and partying.

Perseus, aided by Hermes and Athena, successfully hunts down and kills Medusa.

On the way, he comes across Andromeda, a gorgeous lady bound to a rock, and he falls head over heels in love with her right away.

Perseus defeats the snake and brings Andromeda back to his home.

A feast is being hosted by the wicked monarch, who is surrounded by all of his supporters.

All of the men turn to stone since they were unable to look aside in time.

Perseus and Danae set out for Argos, where they hope to track down Danae’s father, King Acrisius.

Perseus enters a discus-throwing competition one day and places first.

This is Acrisius, who has come to fulfill the prophesy of Apollo.

Despite the fact that Acrisius made great measures to alter his fate, he is powerless to prevent his own death from occurring.

He embodies the heroic paradigm of a good guy who overcomes all hurdles in order to reconnect with his family and bring justice to the world.

As with the Creation of the Earth, the reader is left wondering who is in command here as well.

Who has the power to influence Zeus’s destiny?

Perseus receives assistance from Zeus, Hermes, and Athena at important junctures, allowing him to successfully execute his objectives.

Dictys, the fisherman, ascends to the throne, demonstrating once more that hospitality is favored by the gods.

They, together with Baucis and Philemon, are the most obvious instances of modest hospitality, and they both share with Dictys a selflessness that will finally be rewarded by the gods The gods lavish material prosperity on these lowly characters, but why is this happening?

Perhaps the answer can be found in the backdrop of such material prosperity and what it means to the many people in the story.

These different individuals, all of whom have one eye and are various hues of gray, remain in the reader’s consciousness and help to build the cosmos depicted in the mythology.

Perseus, of course, is regarded as the preeminent example of heroic Greek achievement.

He demonstrates dignity and valor, as well as serenity and shrewdness.

Medusa, on the other hand, is one of the most well-known mythological figures.

Someone who looks directly at her will turn to stone.

Medusa stands in stark contrast to the numerous lovely people (such as Adonis and Narcissus) that appear throughout the tales of Greek mythology.

As a result of such experiences and journeys, each narrative will live on in the form of breathtaking literature that will grab our imagination for generations to come.

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