Hiya, my name is Aissata, from Mali (West Africa). What I like most about living in York is York university of course, the scenery of the city, the calmness and being able to walk around the city safe. I have chosen to volunteer with YUMI because I care about people and I care about the environment. The best thing for me about volunteering with YUMI is that it makes a difference in me, I get to share joy about building something with someone and seeing the result of that, I can challenge myself to do more things, meet people from different cultures and with completely different experiences and broaden my understanding about cultures.

What I believe I have brought to YUMI is definitely my time and the impact I believe I can make. YUMI is definitely important as there are doing things to change life, the community in a positive way and it has definitely been an opportunity for me to learn a lot about things, to be involved in a community, to do something rewarding, something that is fulfilling, something I can say to my friends and my family I did something good.