I came to live in York about 2 years ago from Australia. The most common question after "Are you from Australia" is "Why would you want to live in the UK?" Its a long story which would involve quite a few beers at the local. Suffice to say that I am in York and have been looking for volunteer work to fill in my time as I am retired.

Its really great working at the YUMI garden at Fulford Cross, as I have always been interested in growing food and the growing conditions here are so easy, i.e. beautiful soil and not much watering required (which was the bane of my life back home). In addition the people I have met at YUMI are friendly and interesting and Helen the leader is very knowledgeable and patient.

In addition to YUMI, I work at Oakhaven retirement home in Acomb and volunteer at the Holgate Mill - especially when they are grinding wheat. I keep occupied by doing DIY work at the residence where I live and the rest of the time I travel mostly in Europe and Asia in between visiting my family and friends in Oz.