Join a craft session, get to know new people, bring-and-share crafts and traditions from around the World!

YUMI’s International Craft Group is open to all to join with their skills and stories. We are a friendly bunch with a lot of skills to offer and even more to learn. Come, try what’s on and share crafts and traditions from your culture. Even if you do not feel like leading a workshop, we can find more about the craft and have a go at it.

All abilities welcome!

Interested? Read on to find out more about some of our members!

Mitsuo is YUMI’s most active volunteer. He has been with the Craft Group from the very beginning and began the 1000 Cranes project. This project will be running throughout 2015. Everyone is welcome to join us, write their wishes and fold them inside their very own origami crane.

Lhama is the heart of the craft group. She came up with the idea for the International bunting seen at our Winter Celebration.  All YUMI’s friends are welcome to make a couple of panels with images related to their culture. This project will be running throughout 2015.

Liliya is organising the sessions, making sure everyone is heard, informed and involved. She is also working on establishing partnerships with other craft groups and organisations.

The International Craft Group runs sessions once or twice a month, depending on interest. We can run additional session in suitable times and places. Please do get in touch if you would like to join the group and let us know what are the best dates and times for you.

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