I grew up in and around the city of Seattle and embarked on my first gardening job at the age of 11, weeding and watering the estate of a neighbour in the Snoqualmie River Valley.  A circuitous route that included studying archaeology, architecture, and acupuncture, lead me back to gardening fifteen years ago.  Five of these years I spent as the Gardener at the National Trust’s Treasurer’s House in York, where I led a team of 10 Garden Volunteers (and 5 cycling Volunteers who cycled anything we could not compost on site to Hazel Court), introduced sustainable and organic gardening practices, including only using traditional hand tools to care for the peaceful, city-centre garden (even cutting the grass with a push-mower!), and redesigned the planting in all the beds of both the front and rear gardens.  I have also been the Gardener at Gray’s Court since 2009, with an interlude when I had my daughter Rosie 7 years ago, restoring the gardens and—currently—turning half an acre of the garden over to growing edibles.  I am also the founder and Chair of Holgate Community Garden, an Edible York project that has grown to include transforming the park at Upper St Paul’s by engaging the local community in creative and productive gardening as well as the green Holgate Dock, where we’ve planted a periphery of fruit trees underplanted with a wildflower sward and thousands of native bulbs.  I love creating garden spaces in which people can find solace and inspiration, and wildlife can find sanctuary and food.  The lively connection of growing community through growing a garden together continues to inspire me, whilst growing edibles and flowers delights me—feeling the thrill of seeds growing into luscious, productive plants; observing the ever-changing sunlight illuminate foliage and petals as the garden changes shape and colour through the seasons; harvesting and tasting; the curious satisfaction of nurturing the soil, encountering the miraculous transformation of the compost heap… I love it all!