Food brings us together, there isn't a YUMI event without some gorgeous international dishes.

We love food! International, home cooked, traditional or innovative recipes from around the world – we love it!
Our cooks project includes all sorts of things:  preparing and serving traditional recipes at our events, cooking workshops in each others' homes, street food festivals, writing and selling recipes cards of signature dishes. YUMI has provided training for amateur cooks enabling them to provide small-scale catering for local conferences, events and parties. We've trained and supported over 45 amateur cooks now, from over 35 cultural backgrounds around the world, including China, India, Poland, Venezuela, Mongolia, Brazil, Turkey, Philippines, Hungary, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Italy and Ukraine.
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Want to get involved in cooking food from your home culture?

YUMI Cooks Recipe Cards

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    1. Mitsuo Noda

      Hi Everyone . I’m sorry , I have to chancel the Japanese sweets making workshop by my family problem in Japan .
      I’m hoping to retry on April some time .

  1. Liliya

    Hi Mitsuo,
    I would love to join the occasional workshop if that is ok. Not brave enough to call myself a cook and way to busy at the moment. Please keep us posted here.
    My thought are with your family.
    Have a safe trip!

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