BBC Radio York invitation

Who hears your voice? Who understands your views?

The news we see, hear and read has a huge impact on how we see the world – it has a huge influence on the minds of individuals. How critically do we consider who decides what ‘facts’ are newsworthy and why? How do we know that we are well informed of all issues in our society?

For our society to be truly democratic and representative it needs to reflect the diversity of our communities.

BBC Radio York has approached YUMI and expressed its desire to reflect the opinions of our diverse and multicultural community. It is inviting you, as representatives of our BME population, to be added to their diversity contact list. By being on the list, you may be contacted by the radio station and have the opportunity to share your perspective on issues or news events with a wider audience. You would have the chance to make sure the BME voice is heard by many - an exciting and significant opportunity by anyone's standards! Being on the list doesn't mean you will be contacted about everything all the time, so don't worry that it will mean a full-time commitment. And, if you are contacted, but don't feel you want to talk about a particular issue, you'll always be able to decline the invitation to speak about it.

If you value your opinions, feel you are a good speaker and want to contribute to people’s wider understanding of contemporary, multicultural life in York, send your contact details to Elly Fiorentini at BBC Radio York via email :

Elly tells us that you could also be contacted by other parts of the BBC.

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